DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

Dive into Macrame Magic in 2023!


Hey there! It’s Aubrey! 2021 has been an explosive year for macrame, and with so many fabulous tutorials dropping left and right, there’s never been a better time to jump in! I’m super excited to share my Top 15 Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns of the year with you. Ready to get your hands knotty? Let’s dive in!

Need Some Macrame Inspo?

If you’re looking for some creative ideas, look no further! I’ve handpicked 15 jaw-dropping Macrame wall hanging patterns just for you, featuring designs like pixel Macrame, boho vibes, charming rainbows, stunning half mandalas, and so much more.

And hey, once you craft your masterpiece, don’t forget to showcase it in our Macrame for Beginners Group. We’ve got a community of over 37K enthusiastic beginners eager to see what you whip up!

New to Macrame? I Got You!

If you’re just starting your Macrame journey, fear not! Macrame is a breeze to pick up, and I’ve crafted a comprehensive guide just for you on the ins and outs of Macrame. Dive into it and you’ll be a pro in no time. For those of you already familiar with the basic twists and turns, don’t miss out on my in-depth guide on crafting your very first Macrame wall hanging, along with some nifty tips on where to snag the best cords and supplies for your DIY ventures.

Macrame Maestros To Follow

Our Macrame for Beginners platform has joined forces with some of the most talented Macrame teachers out there. Dive into their top-notch tutorials and kickstart your Macrame project in style!

15 Showstopper Wall Hanging Patterns of 2021

Wondering which Macrame wall hangings stole the show this year? Here’s a quick list:

  • Sonata Del Mar Wall Hanging: This vibrant piece by Sasha from Fibers of Mine was a group fave. Don’t be intimidated by its intricate look, Sasha guides beginners flawlessly!
  • Intermediate Macrame Wall Hanging: Push your skills with this diamond pattern piece by Chasta from Soulful Notions.
  • Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging: Craft a delightful rainbow with Nicole from Bochiknot.
  • Macrame Semi-Circle Wall Hanging: Master this elegant semi-circle design with fringe accents, thanks to Uzliki.

For all those on the hunt for top-tier Macrame cords, I can’t recommend Bobbiny cotton cords enough. They’re eco-friendly, beginner-friendly, and available in a plethora of chic shades.

Let’s Keep The Knots Coming!

Craving more? Dive into my comprehensive guide on crafting Macrame wall hangings. Discover even more patterns, pro tips, and the top supplies to keep your Macrame game strong!

Happy Knotting, everyone!

Key Details
Top Pattern: Sonata Del Mar Wall Hanging
For Beginners: Macrame Rainbow Wall Hanging
Must-Try: Intermediate Macrame Wall Hanging
Best Cord: Bobbiny Cotton Cords
Join Us: Macrame for Beginners Group

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns

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