Best bobbiny list of stores in Canada Macrame Cord Supplier

Hey there, macrame enthusiasts! If you’re on the hunt for a reliable Bobbiny Macrame Cord supplier right here in Canada and want to save some cash on shipping and import expenses, you’re in the right spot! Let me guide you through some of the top-notch Bobbiny Canada stockists that I adore and trust.


About Bobbiny

Now, what makes Bobbiny cords so special? They’re eco-friendly, sustainable, and crafted from 100% recycled cotton. And guess what? There’s no dye, water, or any toxic substances used during their creation.
Moreover, even their inner spools boast an environmental touch – made entirely out of recycled paper, making them fully biodegradable! Talk about a responsible choice for macrame cords, right?

Oh, and here’s a fun tidbit for you: Bobbiny is a heartfelt venture run by the lovely duo, Aleksandra and Tomasz, straight out of their cozy little factory in Warsaw, Poland. And for those of you who put safety first, every single Bobbiny Macrame cord goes through the rigorous OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 testing. This means they’re utterly safe for those adorable Macrame projects for babies and pets.

Bobbiny Canada Stockists – My Top Picks!

Ready to find your perfect Bobbiny supplier in Canada? Here are some fantastic suggestions based on feedback from our vast community in the Macrame for Beginners Group, with over 50k members!

Soulful Notions
Based out of Vancouver, Soulful Notions is the brainchild of the talented YouTube Macrame educator, Chasta Perry. Dive into a spectrum of colorful Macrame cords by top brands like Bobbiny, Ganxxet, and more. And if you shop a bit (or a lot ), use the code SHIPFREE150 to enjoy free shipping on orders above $150 CAD!

She Did Knot
Located in the scenic Victoria, She Did Knot offers a fabulous range of Bobbiny Macrame Cords, Braided Cotton Cords, Ropes, and even T-Shirt yarn in a plethora of hues. There’s a standard CA$15 shipping fee, but hey, spend over CA$150 and shipping’s on them!

Projects Crafted with Bobbiny

Thinking of what to create with these beautiful cords? For a sprinkle of inspiration, check out these creative project blogs:

  • 18 Stunning DIY Braided Macrame Cord Projects by Soulful Notions
  • Creating a Colorful Macrame Rainbow Wall Decor
  • Designing a Trendy Macrame Keychain

Keep those knots coming and stay inspired!

Feature Details
Bobbiny Cord Eco-friendly, 100% recycled cotton
Specialty No dye, water, or toxic chemicals used
Inner Spools Fully biodegradable (recycled paper)
Origin Warsaw, Poland
Safety Testing OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100

Best bobbiny list of stores in Canada Macrame Cord Supplier

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