Best bobbiny list of stores in UK Macrame Cord Supplier

Searching for a reliable source for your Bobbiny Macrame Cord cravings in the UK? Dive into my comprehensive guide on top-notch Bobbiny UK distributors!


About Bobbiny

Bobbiny’s cords are a dream for eco-conscious crafters. They’re all about eco-friendly, sustainable, and using 100% recycled cotton. And guess what? They skip the dyes, water, and any harmful chemicals during production.

Plus, their inner spools? Yep, they’re crafted from recycled paper making them fully biodegradable. Talk about an environmentally-friendly macrame cord choice!

Bobbiny is the wonderful creation of the dynamic duo, Aleksandra and Tomasz. Operating from their cozy factory in Warsaw, Poland, they ensure all their macrame cords pass the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100. That means, go ahead and craft those adorable Macrame baby items or pet projects.

Spotting Bobbiny Distributors in the UK

Seeking the cream of the crop when it comes to Bobbiny distributors in the UK? Here are some recommendations from our vibrant Macrame for Beginners community, boasting over 50k members. All these stockists come highly praised:

The ThreadShop UK: They’re an official distributor of Bobbiny cords in the UK, stocking all the vibrant shades in a multitude of sizes.

Cotton and Cord Store: Dive into their wide range of Bobbiny cords, including the shimmering metallic ones. While there, grab some earring kits, wooden beads, or spruce up your plant hanger game with their accessories.

Tommy Bobbins Studio: In the market for the freshest Bobbiny cords trends? This is your go-to place.

Bobbiny Cords UK: Branded as the UK’s Bobbiny Hub, they offer the entire spectrum of Bobbiny cords in all the current shades and types.

Inspiration Corner

Want a sneak peek into what you can create with Bobbiny cords? Explore these crafty blog posts for some inspo:

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Keep those hands busy and the creativity flowing! Happy Crafting!

Details Description
Product Bobbiny Macrame Cord
Features Eco-friendly, Sustainable, 100% recycled cotton
Origin Warsaw, Poland
Top Stockists The ThreadShop UK, Cotton and Cord Store, Tommy Bobbins Studio, Bobbiny Cords UK

Best bobbiny list of stores in UK Macrame Cord Supplier

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