DIY Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger Tutorial for Beginners

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Dive right into this snappy 10-minute DIY Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger Guide! ❤️

Whip Up Your Own Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger!

Oh, how I adore this Macrame creation! Not only does it glam up your washroom, but it’s also a fab gift idea and unbelievably simple to craft!

When I recently snagged a Bath Bomb set for a pal, I thought, Why not sprinkle in a dash of my Macrame magic? Voilà! This adorable Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger sprang to life!

Why It’s The Bomb!

Envision gifting this dainty hanger for Mother’s Day! Tailor it your way – single, double, or even triple hangers – and pamper her with aromatic bath delights!

Want to jazz it up? Adorn your creations with wooden beads or chic metal tubes.

And guess what? It can even transform into a glitzy disco ball hanger, sprinkling joy and twinkling spots around as sunlight dances off those mini mirrors!

This DIY adventure is a breeze even for newbies and guess what, it’s just a 10-minute gig! Dive into the detailed tutorial below!

️ Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger Shopping Spree!

Here’s your ultimate shopping list to craft the perfect Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger:

– Small Wooden or Metal Ring
– Optional Golden Tubes
– Fragrant Bath Bombs (roughly 170 grams/6 oz, already in plastic)
– Glitzy Disco Balls (around 10 cm/4)

Macrame Cords:
1.5mm 3-Ply cord (Natural) by Bobbiny

Seeking a Bobbiny cord dealer near you? Peek into my shopping guide!

Cord Lengths:
Whether you’re eyeing a single, double, or triple hanger, adjust the cord length accordingly!

Single Hanger: 4 x 120 cm/47”, 1 x 30 cm/12” for 1 Gathering Knot
Double Hanger: 4 x 150 cm/59”, 2 x 30 cm/12” for 2 Gathering Knots
Triple Hanger: 4 x 180 cm/71”, 3 x 30 cm/12” for 3 Gathering Knots

Pro Workspace Tip:
For a smooth crafting experience, dangle it on a clothes rack using an S-hook. For more Macrame workspace wisdom, glance over my guide!

✨ Embellishing Idea:
Slip in small beads or tubes amidst 2 Overhand Knots for that extra flair!

DIY Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger: Step-by-Step!

I’m bubbling with excitement to guide you through crafting your Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger! Once you’re done, share your masterpiece with our passionate Macrame family or tag yours truly, Aubrey, on Instagram!

Step 1:
Loop your 4 cords, creating a Lark’s Head Knot using your ring.

Step 2:
Fashion 4 sections, each with an Overhand Knot, skipping 18 cm/7”.

Step 3:
Now, let’s unite these sections! Ensure no twists. Adjust cord length based on your bath bomb or disco ball size, and craft another Overhand Knot, joining all sections.

Step 4:
Leaving 4 cm/1.6”, fashion a Gathering Knot.

To forge a double or triple hanger, allow an 8 cm/3” gap and retrace the steps!

Your Masterpiece is Ready!
Bravo! Share your fabulous creations with our vibrant community of 110k+ Macrame enthusiasts!

Searching for another delightful Macrame project? I’ve crafted patterns especially for beginners, packed with clear instructions, vivid snaps, and a handy Knot Guide!

Happy Knotting! ❤️

Detail Specification
Project Type Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger
Difficulty Beginner
Time Required 10 minutes
Main Material Macrame Cord
Special Feature Can be Single, Double or Triple Hanger

DIY Macrame Bath Bomb Hanger Tutorial for Beginners

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