DIY Beautiful Macrame Christmas Angel Pattern

Every week, I bring you a fresh, fabulous macrame project to spice up your creative journey, and this week is no exception! Let’s dive into an enchanting Macrame Christmas Angel pattern crafted by the genius behind Soulful Notions, the ever-talented Chasta.


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Crafting Our Macrame Christmas Angel

Are you geared up to craft this mesmerizing Christmas Angel? Trust me, it’s a rewarding experience. For a guided journey, check out the full tutorial by our star teacher, Chasta, on her YouTube Channel – Soulful Notions. It’s a treasure trove of macrame wonders! Make sure to give her a thumbs up and subscribe for more creative adventures.

Let’s Get Knotting!

Don’t worry about missing any details; you’ll find all the project instructions and cord measurements in the video description. If you’re on mobile, tap the video title to unveil the magic. Desktop users, just click ‘Watch on YouTube’, and then ‘Show more’.

Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Finding the video a tad fast? No worries! Adjust the playback speed in the settings. On mobile, tap on those three dots at the top-right and set your pace. For desktop, click the cogwheel and slide to your comfort speed. Remember, there’s no rush – the beauty of macrame lies in each knot.

Dive Deeper with Soulful Notions

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Here’s to Blissful Knotting!

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Tutorial of the Week Macrame Christmas Angel
Created By Chasta from Soulful Notions
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DIY Beautiful Macrame Christmas Angel Pattern

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