DIY Macrame Curtain Patterns for Beginners

Jumping into the world of Macrame curtains and don’t know where to begin? No worries! I’ve gathered 10 amazing, beginner-friendly DIY Macrame Curtain patterns, each accompanied by step-by-step video tutorials. Let’s dive in!


What’s The Hype About Macrame Curtains?

With the surging trend of Macrame window panels and curtains, I thought it’d be fab to bring together some of my top picks for tutorials and sprinkle a little inspiration your way. Plus, if you’re ever in the mood for Macrame Back Drops, those can double as curtains too!

Starting Simple: Crafting Your Macrame Curtains

When crafting curtains, I personally love using natural 5 mm 3-ply Macrame cords. Their thickness is just perfect for such projects and they’re super durable! Whether you’re a pro wanting to explore intricate patterns or a newbie aiming for simpler designs, these cords are versatile enough to suit all your needs.

Cord-Length Check: How Much Do You Need?

Considering your window size and desired pattern, you’d need roughly 100 meters/328 feet or even more of Macrame cords. A quick tip: bundle the ends for more efficient knotting with longer cords.

Accessorize With Macrame Curtain Tiebacks

Oh, and if you’re thinking of adding a chic touch, Macrame curtain tiebacks are a fantastic choice! They’re pretty straightforward to craft, and I’ll share my top 3 tieback tutorials further below. Stay tuned!

Top 10 DIY Macrame Curtain Patterns Just For You!

  • Want to craft a jaw-dropping Macrame curtain? Get insights from the talented Sheena Joy of Simply Inspired.
  • For the beginners, Dan’s simple Macrame curtain guide is a must-watch! Don’t forget to check out her cool YouTube channel, Habit Made.
  • Looking for diversity in designs? Junesse Jani’s channel is filled with pretty Macrame curtain guides. A definite subscribe!
  • And for those up for some thrill, challenge yourself with a unique curtain pattern by Let Be. It’s all about mastering your double half hitch knots.
  • Other delightful tutorials include DIY Small Macrame Curtain, Boho Macrame Curtains, and various Macrame Curtain Ties and Tiebacks.

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Ready, Set, Knot!

Key Details Information
Preferred Cord Type Natural 5 mm 3-ply Macrame cords
Approximate Cord Length 100 meters/328 feet
Top Macrame Artists Sheena Joy, Dan (Habit Made), Junesse Jani, Let Be
Special Mention Macrame curtain tiebacks

DIY Macrame Curtain Patterns for Beginners

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