How do you make a half circle macrame?

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Ready for this week’s Macrame Spotlight Tutorial? Dive into the fascinating world of Macrame with a radiant Half Mandala pattern brought to you by the gifted instructor, Fibers of Mine!

Spotlight Macrame Tutorial!

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Creating the Half Mandala Beauty

Are you all geared up to embark on the Macrame half mandala journey? Trust me, you’re going to rock it! This week’s splendid guide is the brainchild of Sasha from the YouTube Channel Fibers of Mine. Show some love and subscribe to her channel for a treasure trove of Macrame gems.

Dive into the Half Mandala!

Seeking to craft the enchanting Macrame Half Mandala Pattern? Sasha’s video is packed with beginner-friendly, step-by-step guidance to help you weave magic!

Need Project Instructions?

All the intricate details and cord measurements are nestled in the video or its description.

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Simply tap on the video title to whisk away to YouTube. Tap the title once more to unveil all the secrets in the video description.

For Desktop Enthusiasts:
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Tweaking Video Speed?

If the tutorial’s pace feels a tad too quick, don’t fret! Adjusting the playback speed is a breeze.

Mobile: Pop open the video in the YouTube app, tap on the three dots atop right, and dance over to the Settings Menu. Slow down the video by choosing a speed between 0.75x to 0.25x. Plus, a double-tap on your screen’s left or right lets you skip 10 seconds.

Desktop: Click on the cogwheel in the YouTube video to reveal the Settings Menu. Similar to mobile, adjust the playback speed between 0.75x to 0.25x.

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Weekly Tutorial: Macrame Half Mandala Pattern
Instructor: Sasha, Fibers of Mine
Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
Where to Watch: YouTube

How do you make a half circle macrame?

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