DIY Macrame Skull Tutorial

Hey there fellow artists and macrame enthusiasts! It’s me, Aubrey! Are you ready to dive deep into our Macrame Project of the Week? This week, let’s embrace the Halloween spirit by crafting a Macrame Halloween Wall Hanging designed by the skillful Dan from Habit Made.


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Dive Into The Spooky Macrame Skull Tutorial!

Halloween is just around the corner! And what better way to welcome it than by creating this eerie Macrame Skull pattern? The brain behind this bewitching tutorial is none other than Dan Soliman from the YouTube Channel – Habit Made. Don’t forget to hit subscribe and catch more of her spellbinding Macrame magic!

How To Get Going:

Curious about how to recreate this Macrame Halloween Wall Hanging Pattern? Check out the tutorial video for clear, beginner-friendly steps.

Project Notes:

For all those tiny but crucial details like cord measurements, peek into the video’s description. Here’s a tiny hack for you:

Mobile users: Simply tap the video title above. It’ll whisk you straight to the YouTube app. A second tap reveals all the details in the video description.

Desktop folks: Click on the good ol’ ‘Watch on YouTube’ link above. Once there, a click on ‘Show more’ unveils the video description.

Pro Tip: Slow Mo for the Win!

Having a hard time keeping up? You can slow down the YouTube video by fiddling with the Playback speed in the Settings Menu.

On mobile: Open the video in YouTube and tap on the three dots up top. Adjust the Playback speed anywhere from 0.75x to 0.25x. A quick double-tap to your screen’s left or right rewinds or fast forwards the video by 10 seconds.

On desktop: Pop open the video in a new YouTube tab. Click on the cogwheel and make your desired Playback speed adjustments.

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Weekly Spotlight Macrame Halloween Wall Hanging by Dan from Habit Made
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DIY Macrame Skull Tutorial

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