DIY Macrame Wreath Patterns for Beginners

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Hey there, I’m Aubrey, a proud macrame enthusiast! ‍♀️ Ever thought of jazzing up your space with some fabulous Macrame Wreaths? Well, you’re in luck! I’ve gathered 12 absolutely beginner-friendly patterns just for you. Whether it’s Christmas, Fall, or Spring vibes you’re after, there’s a design here calling your name.

And guess what? I’d LOVE to see your masterpieces! So, once you’ve nailed down your favorite design, come join our Macrame for Beginners Group. Share, learn, and be inspired.

Just kicking off your macrame journey? No worries! Dive into my all-in-one guide: Macrame 101: Getting Started.

Spotlight Patterns:

1. Easy Macrame Wreath by Soulful Notions: A pure delight crafted by the talented Chasta. This wreath is not only beautiful but oh-so-easy to replicate. Plus, looking for festive inspiration? Soulful Notions has an amazing array of Christmas-themed projects.

2. Simple Spring Macrame Wreath: Brought to you by Made in May. Just picture this beauty gracing your front door with a fresh pop of spring.

3. Fluffy Wool & Yarn Macrame Wreath: Julia Konya has outdone herself with this woolen wonder. It’s a fluffy dream you’d want to hang all year round!

4. Fall Macrame Wreath with Yarn Flowers: Infuse your home with autumn warmth. This yarn-flower adorned wreath is perfect for those chilly evenings.

5. Romantic Woven Macrame Wreath: Courtesy of The Everyday Farmhouse. A boho-chic addition that’s sure to earn compliments. ❤️

6. Macrame Mandala Wreath: Create With Jenn brings a splash of color and creativity. Which shade will you pick for this mesmerizing piece?

And while you’re gearing up, let me share a little secret. The Bobbiny cotton cords are my absolute go-to. They’re soft, sustainable, beginner-friendly, and available in a plethora of shades and sizes.

Christmas Corner :

1. Braided Christmas Wreath: Start on this ASAP! Because trust me, once your family spots this, they’ll all want one!

2. Macrame Wreath Ornaments: Adorn your tree with these cute little pieces. And if you’re hungry for more designs, there’s a treasure trove of Christmas macrame ornaments waiting for you!

3. Knotted Flower Wreath: Flowers meet festive in this Daisy Chain tutorial.

4. Macrame Christmas Wall Hanging Wreath: Elevate your festive decor game with this stunner.

5. Macrame Wreath Mandala Mirror: Crafted by the brilliant Nicole from Bochiknot Macrame. An elegant piece that screams sophistication. Plus, there’s a plethora of other tutorials by Bochiknot that are worth checking out!

6. Boho Macrame Christmas Wreath Ornaments: Add a boho touch to your tree. These ornaments are not only easy but super chic!

Details Highlights
Total Patterns 12
Seasonal Patterns Christmas, Fall, Spring
Must-join Group Macrame for Beginners
Top Cord Recommendation Bobbiny Cotton Cords

DIY Macrame Wreath Patterns for Beginners

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