How to Make a Macrame Cactus for Beginners

Hey, macrame enthusiasts! Feeling a touch artsy today? Let’s dive into creating a delightful Macrame Cactus for your space. The wonderful Chasta from Soulful Notions is here to guide us through every knot and twist with her handy video tutorial.


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Macrame Cactus Crafting Corner

Heya, it’s Chasta from Soulful Notions! Thrilled to walk you through a speedy and effortless Macrame Cactus tutorial. For all you busy bees who adore a quick crafting fix, this one’s for you! Don’t forget to flaunt your creations by tagging me on Instagram!

DIY Macrame Cactus Insights

For this project, I crafted a cactus standing tall at 13.5 inches. However, feel free to get innovative with its size. Play around with various macrame cords, strings, or ribbons for that unique touch. I skipped the wire and trusted some good old glue to hold it all together. But if you’re out of glue, a little stitch here and there does the trick!

Macrame Cactus Blueprint

1. Cactus Dimensions:
– Height: 13.5 inches
– Width: 9 inches
2. Materials:
– Rope: 13mm
– Acrylic yarn
– A 2cm wooden bead
– Knitting needle
– Glue gun (or a sewing kit)
3. Rope Measurements:
– Inner Cactus: 21 inches
– Outer Cactus: 36 inches

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Project Details Specifications
Cactus Height 13.5 inches/34cm
Cactus Width 9 inches/23cm
Materials Used 13mm rope, acrylic yarn, 2cm wooden bead
Inner Cactus Rope Length 21 inches/53cm
Outer Cactus Rope Length 36 inches/92cm

How to Make a Macrame Cactus for Beginners

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