How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger

Dive into the World of Macramé Plant Hangers!


Hey, it’s Aubrey here! If you’ve been dreaming of crafting a trendy Macrame Plant Hanger for your home, then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re an artist, a DIY enthusiast, or someone with two left hands, let’s dive into the world of macramé together!

Why Macramé Plant Hangers are the Perfect Start

Macramé plant hangers are not just beautiful decor pieces; they are also the ideal beginner projects! By using just the fundamental knots, you can unleash your creativity and craft dazzling hangers for all your beloved plants. And the best part? No need to splurge on fancy cords!

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Knots to Know for Your Macramé Journey

Every Macramé Plant Hanger boasts a few staple knots. Some are straightforward, while others may require a tad more practice. But trust me, with dedication, you’ll be a knotting pro in no time!

Essential Knots to Master:

Josephine knot: This elegant knot may seem intimidating, but it’s simpler than it looks. It’s one of my go-tos for plant hangers.
Gathering knot: A versatile knot, perfect for initiating and concluding your hanger patterns.
Crown knot: Seeking a touch of flair for your hanger? The Crown knot brings that extra finesse.

Grab Your Macramé Supplies!

Starting your macramé journey requires a few essentials. While wooden rings, dowels, and beads are popular, there’s no hard and fast rule. Did you know you can kick off your plant hanger without a ring? Yep, there’s always room for innovation!

Where to Source Supplies:

Wooden and Metal Rings, Driftwood, Dowels: Etsy is my go-to! Supporting local artisans while sourcing beautiful materials is a win-win.
Beads: Add charm to your hangers with wooden beads. Remember, ensure the bead’s opening aligns with your cord’s size.

Choosing the Perfect Cord

Typically, plant hangers employ cords ranging from 2-5 mm. While 3-ply cords are prevalent, don’t hesitate to experiment with single twists or braided varieties. My personal favorite? Bobbiny Macrame cords!

Measuring Tips:

For a fuss-free plant hanger, a rule of thumb is to have cords 4 to 6 times the desired finished length. The number of knots and the design intricacy will influence the exact length you need.

Setting Up Your Macramé Workspace

Crafting the perfect plant hanger demands a comfy workspace. A basic clothing rack paired with S-hooks does the trick. Hang your dowels or rings and let the knotting begin!

Discover Delightful Macramé Patterns

There’s a treasure trove of Macramé patterns available online. Whether you’re hunting for freebies or exclusive content, platforms like Etsy have got you covered.

Starter Patterns:

Looking for beginner-friendly patterns? There are plenty of online resources that offer step-by-step guides, ensuring your first Macramé Plant Hanger is a masterpiece!


While viewing tutorials, it’s a good practice to check the video descriptions for additional insights, like cord measurements and suitable types.

Happy Knotting, Fellow Artists!

Key Details Information
Knots to Learn Josephine, Gathering, Crown
Popular Supplies Wooden/Metal Rings, Dowels, Beads
Cord Size 2-5 mm (3-ply recommended)
Workspace Setup Clothing rack with S-hooks
Where to Find Patterns Etsy, Youtube

How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger

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