How do you make a moon dreamcatcher?

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Have you stumbled upon the breathtaking Macrame Moon Dreamcatchers by the brilliant Rebecca Millar of Vanir Creations? Dive deep into the art of crafting these beauties with her top 5 video guides! ✨

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Super exciting news for our fellow knot-lovers! The Macrame for Artists Community has joined forces with exceptional online maestros to usher you into the mesmerizing world of knots and designs.

Highlighting our fabulous list is the incredibly gifted Rebecca from Vanir Creations. Her Macrame Moon Dreamcatchers are nothing short of magic. ✨

A Glimpse into Rebecca’s World

Greetings to all! I’m Rebecca Millar, a 34-year-old vibrant soul from North-West England. I am blessed with a loving husband, an adorable 3-year-old, and a thriving handmade venture, Vanir Creations. My passion? Teaching YOU the charm of creating Macrame dreamcatchers.

A Journey of Threads and Dreams ✨

My creative spirit found its muse in Macrame, and it was love at first knot. Before the rise of Vanir Creations, I spent a decade at River Island. But my true calling was unveiled around four years back, thanks to some enlightening YouTube tutorials.

From a vivacious social butterfly in my 20s to a responsible homeowner and mother, my life took a significant turn. Embracing Macrame full-time post maternity has been a blessing in disguise!

From Humble Beginnings…

My very first Macrame masterpiece? A simple wall hanging crafted from affordable string and a park branch. Yet, it ignited a fire within! Encouraged by friends and family, I embarked on my Etsy journey. The exhilaration of the first sale is still vivid, and it drives my desire to guide others towards this crafty joy.

The Allure of Macrame

Macrame, to me, is meditative. The intertwining knots, the sheer focus, it’s almost therapeutic. Its versatility is another love factor – there’s so much more than just wall hangings! My go-to? A 5mm single-ply cotton string in natural. It’s a dream for larger projects.

The essence of Moon Dreamcatchers? A childhood relic. A dreamcatcher gifted by my father to soothe my night terrors. That sense of comfort and the intriguing history stays with me, inspiring each creation.

As for imparting Macrame knowledge on YouTube? It’s the possibility of igniting a spark in someone. Maybe laying the foundation for their craft venture, or a cherished hobby that’ll be passed down generations.

Pearls of Wisdom for Newbies

Dive deep into what resonates with your heart! It’s all about passion and practice. Remember, every expert was once a beginner. Start with basics, hone your skills, and soon you’ll be weaving magic.

Ready to Craft Your Dreamcatcher?

Unravel Rebecca’s top Macrame dreamcatcher tutorials below and kick-start your artistic journey!

Stay updated with all things Macrame. Swing by Vanir Creation’s Etsy Store and subscribe to Rebecca on YouTube and Instagram for a myriad of thrilling tutorials.

Featured Tutorials:

– Macrame Moon Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging (part 1)

– Macrame Moon Dreamcatcher Wall Hanging (part 2)

– DIY Macrame Autumn Boho Wall Hanging

– DIY Halloween Inspired Dreamcatcher

– Macrame Crystal Pouch Moon Wall Hanging

Macrame Newbies, Rejoice!

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Happy Crafting, everyone!

Quick Recap

Name: Rebecca Millar
Brand: Vanir Creations
Specialty: Macrame Moon Dreamcatchers
Favorite Cord: 5mm single-ply cotton string (natural)
Origin: North-West England
Follow on: YouTube, Instagram

How do you make a moon dreamcatcher?

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