Macrame Magic: Creative Ideas for Repurposing Leftover Scraps

Hey Craft Lovers! 😄 Got a stash of macrame scraps? Don’t let them gather dust! I’m here to share some super simple, super fun ways to turn those leftovers into crafty gold. As someone who’s tied a knot or two (thousand!), I’m all about making magic with what’s on hand.

Think of those little scraps as seeds. With a bit of love and creativity, they’ll grow into something beautiful. We’re not just making crafts; we’re making memories, adding a personal touch to our homes, and maybe even crafting up some cute gifts for friends.

Ready to get started? Let’s tie the knot on waste and create some macrame masterpieces together!


Best Ideas For Leftover Macrame Scraps

While lefover scraps may seem like small and insignificant pieces, they can actually be used to create some really amazing projects! Here are a few ideas of what you can do with your leftover macrame scraps:

1. Keychains & Charms

Give your keys a boho touch with handcrafted keychains, adorned with beads and feathers from your very own collection of scraps.


2. Bookmark Beauties

Craft unique bookmarks, each with its own knotting style and a tassel end, perfect for bookworms and gift-giving.

3. Jewelry Joys

Weave bracelets, anklets, and necklaces, adding beads or stones to create one-of-a-kind adornments.

4. Coasters & Placemats

Make functional decor like coasters and placemats, using up larger scraps to protect surfaces in style.


5. Wall Art Wonders

Create a mini tapestry or a mixed-media collage to bring a personalized touch to any wall in your home.

6. Plant Hangers

Perfect for succulents, mini plant hangers can add a splash of green to your space, showcasing your plant babies.

7. Hair Accessories

Fashion headbands or hair ties from your scraps, or wrap them around hairpins for a chic, bohemian look.


8. Glass Jar Wraps

Transform glass jars into vases or candle holders with colorful macrame wraps that are sure to catch the eye.

9. Curtain Tie-Backs

Longer scraps can become charming boho curtain tie-backs, adding a crafty flair to your curtains.

10. Fridge Magnets

Wrap magnets in macrame knots for a rustic yet functional kitchen accessory.


What Macrame Items Sell Best?

I’ve seen trends come and go, but some items are timeless best-sellers. These are the pieces that capture hearts and inspire awe, the creations that people can’t wait to bring into their homes.

Take the classic macrame wall hangings. They are more than decor; they’re statement pieces that turn a bland wall into a centerpiece of conversation. From simple geometric patterns to elaborate landscapes, these hangings are the epitome of macrame charm.

Then, there’s the ever-popular macrame plant hangers. They offer a perfect blend of functionality and style, giving plant lovers a chic way to display their green babies. Whether it’s a single hanger for a quaint corner or a cluster for an urban jungle, they never stay in my shop for long!

And let’s not forget the macrame jewelry. Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces with a twist of bohemian flair are the go-to for fashionistas looking for that unique, handcrafted touch.

Each of these items has a special place in the market, and they consistently capture the hearts of customers. They’re not just crafts; they’re creations of love and artistry. So, what are you waiting for? Get knotting and watch your creations turn into someone’s new favorite piece!


How Much Cord You Need for Macrame Projects

Ever start a macrame project, only to find you’re short on cord or drowning in leftovers? I’ve been there, and I’m here to share some pro tips to help you nail down those measurements!

First off, the golden rule: measure, measure, measure! But how much, you ask? A good starting point is to allow for about four times the length of your final desired piece for each cord when creating simple knots. Planning a piece filled with intricate twists and turns? Bump that number up to five or six times the length.

And what about those beefy projects, like a macrame hammock or a full-on wall tapestry? These bad boys can eat up cord like nobody’s business. For projects that require more substance, start with an estimate of eight times the final length — it’s better to have a bit extra than to run out mid-knot!

But remember, fellow knotters, these are just guidelines. Your unique tension and knot style will tip the scales, so always add a little extra for good measure. And don’t sweat the scraps; you now know there’s a world of possibilities for those leftovers.

Check this video to more information about how to reuse your macrame scraps: