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JOANN Fabric and Crafts is a beloved business located at 526 Illinois Rte 59, Naperville. With a contact number of (630) 357-2305, customers can easily reach out for any inquiries or concerns. This business offers a wide range of products and services, including a craft store, art supply store, bead store, fabric store, home goods store, picture frame shop, scrapbooking store, sewing machine store, sewing shop, and yarn store.

One of the main services offered by JOANN Fabric and Crafts is curbside pickup, making shopping a breeze for those in a hurry. The store also has a wheelchair accessible entrance, ensuring that all customers can comfortably enter and exit the premises. For those who need to stay connected while they shop, the store offers Wi-Fi, so customers can easily browse for the products they need.

With over 728 customers rating this business with a score of 4.4 out of 5, JOANN Fabric and Crafts has proven to be a reliable and popular choice for those in need of craft and art supplies. From seasoned artists to those who are just starting out, this store has everything that customers could possibly need to create their next masterpiece.

For those who are short on time, the store offers a quick visit option, so customers can easily pop in and out without any hassle. This is particularly useful for those who need to grab a few supplies on the go or just want to take a quick browse around the store.

In conclusion, JOANN Fabric and Crafts is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a wide range of craft and art supplies. With their excellent customer service and convenient services, this business has proven to be a reliable choice for those in the Naperville area. We highly recommend checking out their website,, for more information and to make a purchase today!

Opening Hours:

Phone: (630) 357-2305
Address: 526 Illinois Rte 59, Naperville, IL 60540 – Naperville
Web site:
Business line: Craft store, Art supply store, Bead store, Fabric store, Home goods store, Picture frame shop, Scrapbooking store, Sewing machine store, Sewing shop, Yarn store
Business features: Curbside pickup, Wheelchair accessible entrance, Wi-Fi, Quick visit

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