Macrame Christmas tree tutorial

Hey Macrame enthusiasts! It’s Aubrey here, sharing this week’s macrame magic with all of you. Dive right in, pick up your cords, and let’s get knotty together!


Macrame Magic of the Week

Each week, I spotlight a fabulous macrame project from an awesome teacher. This week, we’re crafting an enchanting Macrame Christmas Tree Wall Hanging. Brought to you by the brilliant teacher over at Soulful Notions.

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Unveiling: Macrame Christmas Tree Wall Hanging

Eager to kickstart this Macrame Christmas Tree Wall Hanging project? All set!

This spectacular tutorial is curated by the fabulous Chasta from the Soulful Notions YouTube Channel. Make sure to give her channel some love and explore her other wondrous tutorials.

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You’ll find a step-by-step video with beginner-friendly directions to help you begin this adventure.

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Project of the Week Macrame Christmas Tree Wall Hanging
Featured Teacher Soulful Notions
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Additional Tutorials by Teacher Macrame Bag Patterns, Plant Hangers, Christmas Decorations

Macrame Christmas tree tutorial

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