How to Tie a Double Half Hitch Knot

Master the Double Half Hitch Knot with Aubrey’s Tips!


Hello fellow artists and macrame enthusiasts! I’m Aubrey, a passionate macrame lover, and today I’m going to share some juicy tidbits about the Double Half Hitch Knot (DHHK).

Taming the Double Half Hitch Knot!
Feeling tangled up with the DHHK? Breathe easy, you’re not alone. It’s that one knot that gives almost every newbie a tiny headache. But hey, a little persistence and voila – it becomes a piece of cake!

Dive into the magic of DHHK and watch it transform your patterns. Whether you’re aiming for neat rows – horizontal, vertical, or diagonal – or wanting to let your creativity flow, this knot’s got your back. So, let’s unravel the mysteries of this knot, shall we? Scroll on for a visual treat with my photo tutorial! And guess what? By the end, I have some delightful DHHK projects waiting for you!

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DHHK: More Than Just a Knot!
The DHHK might seem intricate initially, but here’s the deal: it’s not really that complex! It’s all about wrapping your active cords around the holding cord, securing your beautiful row in place.

You might notice the knots looking slightly different when started from the left or right. No worries! It’s all about getting familiar and practicing from both ends.

Ready for some sparkling tips? Here are 4 golden nuggets for perfecting the DHHK!

Four Jewels for the Perfect DHHK
1. The first Half Hitch Knot is your anchor. Secure it with the right tension and direction. Follow it up with the second Half Hitch Knot to lock it in place. Watch out for those gaps! Once they appear, they might grow. So, spot them early and fix them.
2. Let your holding cord show the path. It should be taut and straight. Resist the urge to yank it!
3. Perfecting the art of macrame is all about patience and practice. If a few hitches go awry, don’t be hard on yourself. With every twist and turn, you’re improving.
4. Hungry for more insights? Grab my Free Macrame Knot Guide right away!

Visual Guide: Crafting the DHHK
Ready to get your hands busy? Start by attaching four cords to a dowel with a Lark’s Head Knot. Now, you have eight lovely strings to weave magic with!

Step into the world of knots and explore all those you can craft! From elegant plant hangers, chic wall hangings to stylish bags and earrings – the possibilities are endless!

Also, for a twist, learn the Reverse Lark’s Head Knot and its fun variations with my exclusive tutorial.

Cords for Your Craft
When practicing your DHHK, I highly recommend using 3-Ply Macrame cords. They’re sturdy, don’t fray easily, and are forgiving if you decide to undo a knot. And when it comes to brands, Bobbiny cords have my heart. They’re eco-friendly, available in various types, sizes, and oh-so-fashionable shades.

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Projects to Perfect Your DHHK
Amp up your skills by trying out fun projects. From coasters and plant hangers to wall hangings – the world of DHHK awaits you!

Need Macrame Supplies?
If you’re hunting for premium, budget-friendly macrame cords, Bobbiny recycled cotton cords are your best bet! Silky, sustainable, and beginner-approved – they’re available in a plethora of sizes and trendy hues.

Table of Key Details:

Aspect Details
Knot Focus Double Half Hitch Knot
Difficulty Beginner-Friendly (with practice)
Best Cords 3-Ply Macrame cords (Bobbiny preferred)
Learning Resources Macrame for Beginners Guides, Free Macrame Knot Guide

How to Tie a Double Half Hitch Knot

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