DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial

Dive into This Week’s Stellar Macrame Creation!


Hey there, macrame enthusiasts! I’m Aubrey, and I’m here to sprinkle some macrame magic into your week. Let’s get those hands knotting with our fabulous Macrame pick for this week. We’re diving into an enchanting Macrame Fall Wreath, a beginner’s delight crafted by the skilled Anna Baginová from the YouTube channel uzliky.

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Crafting the Macrame Fall Wreath

Ready to jump into our project? Fret not, it’s super beginner-friendly! Our superstar teacher this week, Anna Baginová, has put together a detailed tutorial on her channel uzliky. If you’re a fan of fun and interactive learning, make sure to subscribe and explore more of her engaging content.

Getting Started with Your Project

Want to know the specifics? The step-by-step instructions and cord measurements are conveniently provided in the video description.

On Mobile:
To access the details, simply tap on the video title. This action will open the video in your YouTube app. A second tap reveals the description you need!

On Desktop:
Clicking on ‘Watch on YouTube’ takes you to a new tab. Just below the video, hit the ‘Show more’ button, and voila! All the details will unfold. ️

Adjusting YouTube Playback

Wish to catch every detail? Adjust the Playback speed in the YouTube Settings Menu to slow down the video and grasp every knot.

On mobile:
Open the video in the YouTube app, tap on the three dots (upper-right corner) to unveil the Settings Menu. Adjust the speed anywhere between 0.75x to 0.25x. And for a quick 10-second rewind or forward, double-tap on your screen’s sides. ⏪⏩

On desktop:
In a new YouTube tab, the cogwheel icon opens the Settings Menu. Adjust the speed as per your comfort and enjoy! ⚙️

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Happy Knotting, Everyone!

Details Info
Project of the Week Macrame Fall Wreath
Teacher Spotlight Anna Baginová from uzliky
Platform YouTube
Project Instructions Available in video description
Connect with Us Instagram, Macrame for Beginners Group
Special Decor Guide Christmas Patterns

DIY Fall Wreath Tutorial

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