DIY Macrame Feather Wall Hanging Patterns for Beginners

Looking to dip your fingers into some Macrame feather magic? Dive into these fabulous DIY tutorials I’ve gathered for you! From wall hangings to earrings, you’ll be surprised at the myriad of designs you can create.


Macrame Feather Designs You’ll Adore

If the idea of making a Macrame feather has piqued your curiosity, then these tutorials are your starting point. And trust me, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be on your way to creating fabulous feather-themed masterpieces!

Oh, and don’t just stop at wall hangings. I’ve got a cool design for a Macrame feather chandelier and some chic feather earrings to add to your DIY list!

First Steps in Macrame? No Worries!

For those of you who are just beginning your Macrame journey, I’ve got you! Here’s a Beginner’s Quick Guide that’ll walk you through the essentials. And hey, if you’re eager to explore further, dive into my project guides for creating your very first Macrame wall hanging, plant hanger, or even a stylish bag!

Must-Have Supplies for Perfect Macrame Feathers

When it comes to creating Macrame feathers, quality supplies are a game-changer! Here’s what I swear by:

Fabric Stiffener: To ensure your feather stays pristine, Aleene’s 15581 Stiffen-Quick Fabric Stiffening Spray is my go-to. It dries transparent, won’t mess up your design, and you can layer it up for extra shaping! Plus, a wash lets you reshape as needed.

Sharp Fabric Scissors: Precision is key! I vouch for the Gingher 8-Inch Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears or the Fiskar Amplify Scissors.

Rotary Cutter: Struggling with cutting? Try the Fiskars Classic Comfort Rotary Cutter (45mm) or its 60mm version for a larger grip.

Brush: To get those feathers looking flawless, a pet brush works wonders! The Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is top-notch.

Feather-Inspired Macrame Tutorials to Dive Into

Large Macrame Feather/Leaf: A wonderful guide by Lots of Knots Canada awaits! Explore her channel for more inspiration.

Macrame Feather with Beads: Add some sparkle with beads to your feather with this fun tutorial. It’ll look so enchanting on your wall! ✨

Macrame Feather Wall Hanging: The design by Let Be is nothing short of breathtaking. Dive into his channel for more gems!

Macrame Feather Bedroom Wall Hanging: Go pretty in pink with this stellar tutorial by Bochiknot Macrame.

Macrame Feather Earrings: A beginner’s delight by Bochiknot Macrame to add some flair to your accessories.

DIY Macrame Feather Wall Hanging: Add a splash of color with this tutorial by ARTSY North East.

Macrame Feather & Shell Wall Hanging: Combine nature’s treasures with this design by Sasha MACRAMESSAGE.

Macrame Feather Wall Hanging with Beads: A free vibrant pattern awaits, courtesy of Macrame School.

DIY Macrame Feather Chandelier: Illuminate your space with this design by Don’t Worry Be Crafty.

3 Macrame Feather Patterns: Bochiknot Macrame offers three distinct designs for you to explore.

Modern Macrame Leaf Feather Wall Hanging: Craving a contemporary touch? Check out the design by Chasta from Soulful Notions.

Easy Macrame Feather Wall Hanging: Last but not the least, this vivid tutorial by TN Art & Crafts promises a visual treat.

Macrame Cord Recommendations

When it’s about quality and sustainability, Bobbiny recycled cotton cords are unbeatable. They’re soft, perfect for beginners, and available in various trendy shades. Opt for a local Bobbiny cord supplier and save on shipping!

Connect with Fellow Macrame Enthusiasts!

Questions or looking to share your masterpieces? Join the Macrame for Beginners Group, a loving community of over 100k members, eager to share, learn, and inspire!

Keep Knotting and Shine On!

Details Description
Tutorials 12 unique Macrame feather/leaf designs
For Beginners Quick Guide and Project Guides available
Recommended Supplies Fabric Stiffener, Sharp Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Brush
Macrame Cord Brand Bobbiny recycled cotton cords
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DIY Macrame Feather Wall Hanging Patterns for Beginners

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