Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns Every Beginner Can Make

Hello fellow creatives! I’m Aubrey, a passionate artist and macrame enthusiast. I’m thrilled to help you embark on this journey. Dive into the world of Macrame with these 15 beginner-centric Macrame Plant Hanger designs handpicked by our skilled team of Macrame mentors!


Easy-Peasy Macrame Plant Hanger Tutorials

Adorn your space with greenery! Discover 15 delightful Macrame Plant Hanger patterns that even a newbie can master.

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Featured Macrame Creations:
X-Knot Macrame Plant Hanger: A splendid design, perfect for novices.
Daisy Chain Macrame Plant Hanger: Brought to you by Sheena of Simply Inspired. Ideal for beautifying your outdoor space.
DIY Chic Macrame Plant Hanger: A classic piece by Chasta from Soulful Notions. Follow along and craft your own!
– And many more captivating designs…

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Table of Macrame Awesomeness:

Design Name Creator Difficulty Level
X-Knot DIY Easy Macrame Plant Hanger Featured Macrame Teacher Beginner
Daisy Chain Macrame Plant Hanger Sheena (Simply Inspired) Beginner
DIY Chic Macrame Plant Hanger Chasta (Soulful Notions) Beginner

Happy Crafting!

Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns Every Beginner Can Make

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