How to Make The Beautiful Macrame Reindeer

Guess who’s over the moon? It’s me, Aubrey! The moment I heard Paulina dropped a fresh Macrame tutorial for the holidays, my artist’s heart did a little jig! How about we embark on this Macrame Reindeer journey together?


Paulina of Poly Tusal holds a special place in my heart. I’m totally smitten with her Macrame creations and those mesmerizing shots she captures. For a daily dose of crafty magic, don’t forget to peek into her Instagram world!

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Dreamed of crafting a charming Macrame wall decor this Christmas? This Reindeer pattern is your dream come true! And guess what? You can craft it with or without a wooden ring. But here’s a twist – transform this Reindeer into a delightful Macrame Spring Deer by adding floral touches and a chic bow. Ain’t that cool?

Can’t wait to get started? Snag the digital download from her Etsy Store!

For all the Macrame enthusiasts out there, this Reindeer Pattern is tailor-made for those familiar with the basic knots and possessing intermediate to advanced Macrame skills. If you’re a newbie, no worries! A Basic Knots Guide accompanying the tutorial will be your guiding star. ✨

The digital package includes:
1. Macrame Reindeer PDF Tutorial: A comprehensive 84-page guide adorned with over 500 images and step-by-step directives.
2. Basic Knots Guide for the Reindeer Pattern: An 8-page visual guide loaded with instructions.

Gathering supplies? You’d need a 3 mm braided Macrame cord, and Bobbiny is my go-to spot for it! For a detailed list of essentials, check out the product description on Etsy.

A friendly reminder – connect with Poly Tusal Handmade on Instagram and Etsy. You don’t want to miss out on any of her magical creations!

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Detail Information
Creator Paulina of Poly Tusal
Pattern Macrame Reindeer
Level Intermediate to Advanced (Beginners with guide)
Materials 3 mm braided Macrame cord and optional wooden ring
Special Feature Can be transformed into a Spring Deer
Download Location Etsy Store of Poly Tusal

How to Make The Beautiful Macrame Reindeer

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