Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns for Beginners

Hey there, fellow macrame enthusiasts! I’ve handpicked 17 fantastic free Macrame wall hanging patterns just for you. Whether you’re into elegant designs or fun patterns, I’ve got something that will spark your creativity!


Highlight: Unique Macrame Patterns

From a dreamy Macrame hot air balloon to an adorable pink flamingo design, these patterns are here to inspire your next project! Shoutout to the wonderful YouTube Macrame maestros who’ve generously shared their knowledge and tutorials for free!

Macrame 101: Crafting Your First Wall Hanging

Starting your macrame journey? No worries! Dive into my comprehensive guide on creating a Macrame Wall Hanging. I’ve spilled all my secrets: the best places to score supplies, cords, and setting up that perfect crafting space!

Meet the Macrame Maestros

Explore top-notch tutorials from our featured Macrame instructors. If you’re a newbie, these step-by-step videos are the perfect place to start!

Patterns Spotlight

Macrame Flamingo by Simply Inspired: Perfect for those just starting! Master three essential knots and you’re good to go!
Hot Air Balloon by Habit Made: Ideal for baby nurseries. Also, find more nursery-themed macrame projects in our latest blog post!
Mooncatcher by Vanir Creations: Ready to weave some moon magic? Don’t miss Vanir Creations’ other fab tutorials and DIY kits.
Leafy Patterns by Habit Made & Fibers of Mine: Whether it’s a simple leaf or intricate macraweave designs, we’ve got you covered!
Floral Macraweave by Simply Inspired: Upgrade your macrame designs with gorgeous flowers.
Vine/Leaf Design by Habit Made: A trendy pattern that’ll elevate any room.

Macrame Pro Tip

If you’re in search of top-quality, sustainable Macrame cords, I absolutely adore the recycled Bobbiny cotton cords. They’re eco-friendly, soft, beginner-friendly, and available in an array of chic seasonal shades!

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Macrame Details at a Glance

Pattern Highlight Creator
Macrame Flamingo Simply Inspired
Hot Air Balloon Habit Made
Mooncatcher Vanir Creations

Macrame Wall Hanging Patterns for Beginners

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