Macrame Bags, Purses and Clutches for Beginners

It’s Aubrey here, your friendly neighborhood macramé enthusiast! Have you noticed those chic Macramé bags gracing the runways for the Spring and Summer seasons? I was totally captivated! ✨


Dive into DIY Macramé Bags

Every time I see those fabulous Macramé pieces, my fingers itch to start a new project. And what better masterpiece to begin with than a DIY Macramé bag? Whether you fancy a Macramé market tote, a swanky purse, or a classy clutch, I’ve rounded up 15 fab tutorials for every beginner out there! ️

Macramé 101: Crafting Your First Bag

New to the macramé world? Fear not! Dive into my beginner guides, packed with all the essentials and some stellar tips to kickstart your macramé journey.

Step Up with My Macramé Bag Tutorial

Ready to craft a stunning Macramé bag? My easy-to-follow tutorial, focusing on the classic Square Knot, comes with step-by-step visuals, detailed instructions, and a nifty Knot Guide – all for free!

Master the Macramé Bag Basics

To solidify your base, definitely check out Macramé tutorials by the gifted Macrame Grida on YouTube. This South-Korean fiber maestro offers the best tips for impeccable patterns and precise rope measurements. (Pssst…remember to turn on those subtitles!)

And now, let’s dive into some fantastic projects:

#1 Ultimate DIY Macramé Market Tote

Beginners, rejoice! Master the Square Knot and fashion this chic market bag. Kudos to Emily Faith for this trendy design!

#2 Glam Macramé Evening Clutch

Dazzle on a night out with this exquisite macramé wallet. Trust me; it’s an absolute compliment magnet!

Join the Macramé Newbies Community

Eager to discuss, learn, and flaunt your creations? Join our Macramé for Newbies Group! With a robust community of over 100k members, you’re bound to have a blast!

#3 Exquisite Italian Macramé Satchel

Sprinkle some Italian elegance with this designer Macramé bag. It’s worth every knot, and guess what? It’s beginner-friendly!

#4 Beach-Ready Boho Macramé Round Bag

Craft this stunning circular Macramé bag and be the beach’s shining star!

Your Go-To Macramé Cords

Starting your first project? Go green with Bobbiny’s recycled cotton cords – my absolute favorites. They’re silky, eco-conscious, beginner-friendly, and available in chic shades.

#5 Macramé Chic Backpack

Jazz up your uni days or globetrotting adventures with this trendy backpack.

Seeking a Fun Macramé Project?

Check out my beginner-friendly patterns, complete with visuals and a handy Knot Guide!

#6 Summer Macramé Clutch

Pair up with your summer outfits with this adorable pattern by Macramade By Cass.

#7 Sturdy Macramé Farmers’ Market Net Bag

Ace your farmers’ market trips with this robust net bag.

#8 Beachy Macramé Tote

Craft this fab bag for those beach days, perfect for essentials.

#9 Trendy Macramé Fanny Pack

Hop onto the fanny pack trend with this Macramé masterpiece.

#10 Secure Macramé Phone Pouch

Designed by the talented Ganesha macramé art & craft, keep your phone snug and stylish.

#11 Elegant Macramé Wallet

Stash your earnings in style with this chic wallet.

#12 Versatile DIY Macramé Bag

Enhance any outfit with this piece! Learn from the amazing Audrie Storme.

#13 Back-to-School Macramé Backpack

Rock the hallways with your very own Macramé backpack.

#14 Dazzling Beaded Macramé Sling Bag

Glam up with this intricately beaded sling – a showstopper!

#15 Boho Macramé Fringe Bag

Last but oh-so-gorgeous, this fringed beauty by Macramessage is a must-try!

Happy Knotting, Everyone!

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Macrame Bags, Purses and Clutches for Beginners

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