Easy Step-By-Step DIY Macrame Shelf Hanger

Hey Macramé Enthusiasts! ✨ Aubrey here! Are you in the hunt for a creative way to amp up your storage game? Dive right into this DIY Macramé Hanging Shelf Guide, perfect for beginners!


Dive into DIY: Macramé Hanging Shelf Magic

Unravel the secret to crafting your very own stylish Macramé Shelf Hanger. With a pinch of patience and a sprinkle of creativity, you’re on your way! (Note: We’re skipping the images here, but do visualize a cozy corner adorned with a graceful Macramé Shelf!)

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DIY Macramé Hanging Shelf: The Steps!

Can’t wait to craft? Let’s jump right in:

Materials You’ll Need:
1. 8 strands, each 5 meters/197 inches, of 3mm 3-ply cords by Nook Theory in Blush
2. 2 cords, 50 cm/20 inches each, of 3mm 3-ply cords by Nook Theory for 2 gathering knots
3. A dainty wooden or metal ring
4. A small shelf, or perhaps a bowl/tray if you’re feeling experimental!

Time to Knot and Create!

Step 1: Double your 8 cords of 5 meters/197 inches and glide them smoothly through the wooden ring. Craft a Gathering Knot.

Step 2: Our tray hanger flaunts 4 sections. Each time, grab 4 cords that are buddies and craft 20 Spiral Knots.

Step 3: Leave a space of 15 cm/6 inches and tie 3 Switch Knots.

Step 4: Hop over another 15 cm/6 inches and go back to crafting 20 Spiral Knots.

Step 5: Pause for another 15 cm/6 inches and fashion 10 Square Knots. Then, it’s a replay with Steps 2, 3, and 4 for each quadrant.

Step 6: Nestle your tray into place, wrap up with another Gathering Knot. Trim away any extra cords and jazz it up with a fringe if it tickles your fancy!

Keep on Knotting!

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And remember… Happy Knotting!

Important Details in a Nutshell :

| Details | Specifications |
| Tutorial Type | DIY Macramé Hanging Shelf for Beginners |
| Materials | 3mm 3-ply cords, Wooden/Metal Ring, Small Shelf/Bowl |
| Key Steps | Gathering Knot, Spiral Knots, Switch Knots, Square Knots|
| Contact & Inspiration | Instagram, Macramé for Beginners YouTube Channel |
| Extras | Complete Macramé Supplies Shopping Guide |

Easy Step-By-Step DIY Macrame Shelf Hanger

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