DIY Macrame Hat Hanger Tutorial for Beginners

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Ever fancied crafting a chic Macrame Hat Hanger by yourself? I’ve whipped up a delightful video tutorial to guide you through every loop and knot. Can’t wait to marvel at your artistic creations! ✨

Your DIY Guide to a Fabulous Macrame Hat Hanger

Hop on to this quick 10-minute journey and grasp the essentials of knotting up a splendid Hat Hanger. Ideal for newbies, this project is bound to spark some delightful designs from your end.

First Time with Macrame?

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Step-by-Step Hat Hanger DIY!

For those of you who fancy written instructions, scroll down a tad to unearth a comprehensive guide, complete with cord specs and a handy supply checklist!

Here’s what you’ll need:

– 6 x 3.5 meters (138 inches) of 3mm 3-ply cords by Nook Theory
– 2 x 30 cm (11 inches) of 3mm 3-ply cords by Nook Theory for that perfect gathering knot
– A quaint wooden ring
– And, of course, your fave hat!

Get Knotting!

1. Take those six cords, fold ’em in the middle, and fasten to your ring with the classic lark’s head knot.
2. Organize your cords into three even groups and craft about 15 square knots per section.
3. Intertwine the trio and round it up with a gathering knot.
4. Separate your cords again, this time in two groups, skip a bit, and toss in a pair of square knots on each side.
5. Pop your hat in, and conclude with another gathering knot.

Voilà! Your stylish hat hanger is ready.

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Macrame Newbies, Gather Around!

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Happy Knotting!

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DIY Macrame Hat Hanger Tutorial for Beginners

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