DIY Macramé: Hat Hanger

Hey Macrame Enthusiasts! Ready to create a chic display for your summer hats? Dive into my easy-peasy DIY Macrame Hat Hanger tutorial and let the magic unfold! ✨


Showcase Those Summer Vibes!
Why let your fabulous summer hats hide away when they can be a part of your décor? Get those beauties out and hang them on this beginner-friendly Macrame Hat Hanger!

Macrame and hats are a match made in heaven, aren’t they? ❤️ If you’re hunting for a creative, yet functional wall-hanging project, then my Macrame Hat Hanger pattern is just the thing you need!

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Why You’ll Love This Pattern
All the designs at Happy Knotting are tailored keeping beginners in mind. I, Aubrey, promise to handhold you through every twist and turn. Here’s what the DIY Macrame Hat Hanger Pattern holds for you:

– Detailed, step-by-step guidelines accompanied by pictures.
– A thorough 16-page Macrame Knot Guide loaded with my top advice and step-by-step snaps for mastering popular macrame knots.
– A handy online checklist for all your tools & supplies.
– An invite to our private Happy Knotting gang for round-the-clock encouragement and support.

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Note: The pattern is available in a PDF format in my Etsy store. Whether you’re a tech-savvy person or an old-school paper lover, this format’s got you covered!

Let’s Shop!
Planning to get started? Here’s a quick list of everything you’ll need:

Macrame Cords:
I personally love:
– 3 mm Braided Cord by Bilibag in the delightful shade of Mustard.
Just a heads up, the 3 mm cord by Bobbiny is a tad bit slimmer than the one by Bilibag. For the best cords, do explore Bobbiny and Bilibag.

Essentials for Your Project:
– 1 x 70 mm Wooden/Metal Ring
– 3 x Small Macrame Beads with broad openings (if you’re feeling fancy!)
– 1 x Summer Hat (because what’s a hat hanger without a hat?)

– The trusty Fiskar Scissors
– Precise Embroidery Scissors
– Tape Measure

Workspace Gear:
– Clothing Rack
– Large S-Hooks

For more product suggestions, don’t forget to peek into my comprehensive Macrame Supplies Shopping Guide.

More Macrame Magic for You
When you’re done with the hat hanger, how about a trendy Macrame bag or perhaps some adorable earrings? Dive into my beginner-friendly patterns and let’s create some macrame wonders together!

Table of Important Details:

Details Information
Pattern DIY Macrame Hat Hanger
Skill Level Beginner
Key Material 3 mm Braided Cord by Bilibag – Shade: Mustard
Additional Supplies Wooden/Metal Ring, Macrame Beads, Summer Hat
Tools Fiskar Scissors, Embroidery Scissors, Tape Measure
Workspace Clothing Rack, Large S-Hooks

DIY Macramé: Hat Hanger

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