DIY Macrame Keychains

Hey there! It’s Aubrey, your macrame-obsessed artist! ‍♀️ Looking for a delightful and simple way to jump into the world of macrame? You’re in the right place! I’ve curated a list of 15 fabulous DIY Macrame keychains perfect for beginners. Time to unleash those budding knotting skills and charm everyone with your artsy key accessories!


Stylish Macrame Keyring Inspirations

Not only are these keychains an absolute treat to the eyes, but they’re also super beginner-friendly. Starting your macrame journey with these keychains is like decorating your keys with little art pieces. Your friends are definitely going to be in awe!

Macrame Keychain DIY 101

If macrame feels new and intimidating, worry not! My beginner guides will help you conquer the basics in a jiffy! Dive into my treasure trove of tips, techniques, and trusty advice. Together, we’ll make your first macrame project unforgettable!

Keychain Highlights:

  • #1 Classic Macrame Keychain
  • #2 Intricate Macrame Keychain Designs
  • #3 Magical Macrame Mermaid Tail
  • #4 Bejeweled Macrame Beauty
  • #5 Bohemian Macrame Diamond Charm
  • #6 Ombre Macrame Artistry
  • #7 Feathered Macrame Elegance
  • #8 Lovely Handcrafted Macrame Keyring
  • #9 Blooming Flower Macrame Charm
  • #10 Heartfelt Macrame Design
  • #11 Dip Dye Macrame Key Art
  • #12 Winged Macrame Wonders
  • #13 Rainbow Macrame Keychain
  • #14 Lotus Blossom Macrame Beauty
  • #15 Simplistic One-Knot Keychain

Want More Macrame?

Dying to dive deeper? I’ve got a ton more beginner projects for you! From wall hangings and jewelry to plant hangers and bags, there’s so much to explore and create!

Connect with Fellow Macrame Lovers!

Got questions? Want to flaunt your creations or learn from others? Join our amazing Macrame for Beginners Group! With over 100k members, it’s a nurturing space to learn, share, and celebrate macrame!

My Top Pick for Macrame Cords

For all you budding artists out there, I personally vouch for Bobbiny cotton cords. They’re eco-friendly, incredibly soft, beginner-friendly, and available in a plethora of chic shades. Find your nearest Bobbiny supplier and save on shipping!

Keep Knotting and Stay Inspired! ✨

Details Information
Keychain Count 15
Beginner Friendly Yes
Community Group Macrame for Beginners with 100k+ members
Recommended Cords Bobbiny Cotton Cords

DIY Macrame Keychains

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