Easy Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners

Dive into the World of Macrame Plant Hangers!


Ever dreamt of showcasing your precious green buddies in style? Look no further! I’ve got 10 fabulous, beginner-friendly Macrame plant hanger tutorials by the fabulous Soulful Notions for you. ‍

Jumpstart Your Macrame Journey

Creating your personalized Macrame plant hanger is a delightful experience! And the cherry on top? Soulful Notions’ guides are like a gentle hand guiding you through every knot. Perfect for all our budding Macrame enthusiasts out there!

More with Soulful Notions

Our amazing Chasta from Soulful Notions is one of our star Macrame educators. We’ve combined our passions in numerous fun blog entries.

From alluring Macrame wall art to festive decor and nifty keychains, Soulful Notions has a treasure trove of tutorials for you.

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Looking for a Macrame DIY Adventure?

Guess what? My patterns are tailor-made for rookies! Packed with vivid pictures, detailed directions, and a handy knot dictionary.

Discover Our Macrame Gurus

Join our outstanding tribe of Macrame instructors and dive into their beginner-friendly, step-by-step video lessons.

Patterns to Make Your Plants Swing in Joy!

We’ve gathered ten enchanting Macrame plant hanger designs. From urban jungle vibes to thoughtful handmade gifts, there’s something for everyone.

While two designs might be a tad challenging, Chasta’s crystal clear guidance ensures they’re achievable even for novices. And remember, a little challenge only makes the journey more fun!

Got a creation to flaunt? Join our Macrame community and spread the inspiration!

Macrame Craft Essentials

Your prime accessory? A nifty wooden ring! Snag one from Amazon or Etsy. And for a splash of color, Soulful Notions’ Etsy Store is the place to be for vibrant Macrame cords.

For all our international artists, we’ve crafted a guide to locate the finest online Macrame cord vendors. Each one is Macrame community-approved, ensuring top-notch quality!

Macrame Plant Hangers: The Art Begins!

Ready, set, knot! Dive into these 10 enchanting Macrame plant hanger projects by Soulful Notions:

  1. Beginner’s Dream: A stunning hanger that’s a breeze to create, whether you opt for vibrant or pristine white cords.
  2. Step It Up: Elevate your Macrame game with this advanced design. One glimpse, and you’ll fall head over heels!
  3. Quick Knot: A swift project for those on the go. Perfect for newbie knotters!
  4. Cute Pods: Ideal for air plants or mini greens. A modern twist to traditional designs.
  5. Classic Charm: Embrace the timeless design perfect for any plant pot.
  6. Romantic Basket: Adorned with berry knots, this hanger is a balcony stunner!
  7. Basket Magic: Showcase your plant collection in style.
  8. Wall Art: A hanger that doubles up as wall decor. Two birds, one stone!
  9. Spiral Elegance: Master the double half hitch and craft this beauty.
  10. Quickie Special: In a rush? This 10-minute design’s got your back!
  11. Wall Geometry: A design that’s as much art as it is utility. Your walls will thank you!

Macrame Joy Awaits!

Macrame Expert: Soulful Notions
Total Tutorials: 10
For Beginners: Yes
Accessories Needed: Wooden Ring
Store for Cords: Soulful Notions’ Etsy
Community Group: Macrame for Beginners

Easy Macrame Plant Hangers for Beginners

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