Macrame Rainbow Tutorials for Beginners

Feeling crafty? Dive into the vibrant world of Macrame Rainbows with these 10 fabulous DIY tutorials crafted especially for beginners!


Let’s Knot Together!

Who doesn’t adore a splash of rainbows in their decor? Being Aubrey, a die-hard macrame lover, I’m always on the hunt for fun projects, and trust me, nothing beats the satisfaction of crafting your very own Macrame Rainbow on a laid-back Sunday! So, pick your go-to design, maybe a cup of cocoa , and let’s get our knot game strong!

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Curious About Crafting a Macrame Rainbow?

Every rainbow has its own method! For a simple wall decor, some fabric glue can do the trick. But if you’re aiming for cute Macrame Rainbow keychains, stitching them up gives that extra sturdiness.

First time with Macrame? Fear not! It’s a delightful craft to dive into. Have a look at my beginner’s guide to master the basics in no time, along with some super useful tips from yours truly! ‍♀️

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Eager to share your new creations or clear any macrame doubts? Dive into our Macrame for Beginners Group. With over 100k members, it’s the perfect spot to learn, share, and celebrate your macrame journey with fellow enthusiasts.

Finding the Right Macrame Cords:

Embarking on your first project? Make sure you have the best cords in hand! I personally adore the recycled Bobbiny cotton cords – they’re smooth, eco-friendly, and beginner-friendly! Not to mention, they come in a variety of trendy shades. Make sure to find a local supplier to cut down on those pesky shipping fees.

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Happy Knotting and let your creativity shine! ✨

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Project Type Macrame Rainbow DIYs
Level Beginners
Recommended Cords Recycled Bobbiny Cotton Cords
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Macrame Rainbow Tutorials for Beginners

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