Super EASY MACRAME wall hanging ideal for beginners

Hey macramé enthusiasts and fellow craft lovers! It’s me, Aubrey! Ready to dive into the enchanting world of macramé wall hangings? Today, I’m serving up 15 fabulous DIY macramé wall hanging projects especially crafted for all the wonderful beginners out there. Let’s get those hands busy!


Choosing Your Macramé Design

Sky’s not even the limit when it comes to picking a design for your wall art! Dive into a sea of knots, patterns, and nifty tutorials to craft that perfect first piece.

Macramé Basics

Thinking making a macramé wall hanging is tricky? Think again! Mastering a few fundamental knots can set you on the path to recreate almost any design:

– Lark’s Head Knot
– Square Knot
– Double Half Hitch Knot

Snag my free Macramé Knot Guide with super-detailed photos and instructions. Trust me; it’s a lifesaver!

DIY Macramé Projects Galore!

Craving a fun macramé project? Dive into my beginner-friendly patterns with clear step-by-step photos, instructions, and yes, the handy Knot Guide!

Macramé Must-Haves – Dowels

Most wall masterpieces anchor onto a dowel. Whether it’s a rustic branch from your backyard, driftwood treasures from your last beach trip, or a store-bought wooden rod, it’s all good! Can’t find one? Etsy has got you covered with my top picks:

– Plain wooden dowel
– Driftwood
– Copper Dowel

Macramé Essentials – Cords

Hunt for vibrantly hued macramé cords? I’m head over heels for Bobbiny! Their eco-conscious, recycled cords are an absolute joy and bring out the best in your creations. For majestic wall hangings, I suggest 3-Ply or Braided Macramé cords. Don’t forget to tape the ends of the 3-Ply cords to keep them neat. Need Bobbiny cords? My shopping guide points you to the best local suppliers!

Set Up Your Macramé Station

Big project on the horizon? Set up a dedicated macramé workspace! Essential tools? Sharp scissors and a trusty tape measure are your best pals. Need a head start? Dive into my macramé workstation guide tailored for newcomers! ✂️

Connect with Fellow Macramé Lovers

Hungry for inspiration, advice, or just a chat with like-minded souls? Join our thriving Macramé for Beginners Group – we’re here with open arms!

Macramé Newbie? No Problem!

Macramé can seem daunting, but it’s a breeze once you know the ropes! Explore my Macramé for Beginners Guides to get the lowdown on the basics and tap into my top tips.

Your Macramé Adventure Begins!

1. Macramé Magic with Chasta: Begin with this delightful design by the gifted Chasta from Soulful Notions.
2. DIY Macramé Rainbow: This adorable rainbow piece needs just the square knot! Check out our YouTube channel for more gems.
3. Modern Macramé Marvel: Challenge yourself with this stunner from Soulful Notions.
4. Square Knot Sensation: An easy piece to flaunt your Square Knot prowess!
5. Go Big with XL Layered Macramé: A layered delight by Sasha Macramessage.
6. Berry Knot Heart Delight: Add color with this heart by Soulful Notions.
7. Layered Boho Beauty: Create with Jen has the perfect boho project for beginners.
8. Rainy Day Macramé: Perfect for those cozy crafting sessions.
9. Fringe Frenzy: Crave fringe? This one’s for you!
10. BOHO Macramé Elegance: Dive deeper with this challenging beauty by Let Be.
11. Macraweave Magic: Add vibrant hues with Create with Jenn.
12. Semi-Circle Charm: Master the basics with this cute design by Soulful Notions.
13. Golden Hoop Inspiration: A chic and easy project.
14. Boho Vibes with Tassels and Beads: Brighten your space with this beginner-friendly piece.
15. Boho Bliss by Soulful Notions: Master multiple knots with this beauty.

Embrace the Macramé Magic!

Here’s a table with the crucial details:

Knots to Know Lark’s Head, Square Knot, Double Half Hitch
Top Dowel Choices Plain wooden, Driftwood, Copper
Recommended Cords Bobbiny 3-Ply or Braided
Must-Have Tools Sharp scissors, Tape measure
Join the Community Macramé for Beginners Group

Happy Knotting and till next time! ✨

Super EASY MACRAME wall hanging ideal for beginners

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