DIY Macrame Pet Projects for Your Cats & Dogs

World Animal Day is approaching super fast, and what better way to show some love to your cuddly companions than crafting some unique Macrame gifts? From dapper dog collars to comfy cat beds, let your creativity shine!


Macrame Magic for Pets

Hey there! Aubrey here. If you’ve been dreaming of pampering your feline friend or spoiling your pupper with some Macrame goodness, you’re in for a treat! Discover 12 delightful DIY Macrame crafts tailored for our four-legged friends! From fashionable dog collars to playful toys and even intricate pet portraits, dive in and make this World Animal Day special!

First Steps in Macrame?

Starting with Macrame? Fear not! It’s super user-friendly. Grab my beginners’ guide and weave away!

DIY Charm: Macrame Dog Collar

Transform simple cords into this stunning Macrame dog collar, inspired by Bochiknot Macrame. Your pup’s gonna love it!

Swinging in Style: Macrame Cat Bed

Dreaming of a floating bed for your kitty? Habit Made brings to you a pattern for a chic hanging cat bed!

Macrame Enthusiasts, Unite!

Got queries about Macrame? Or looking to connect with fellow beginners? Join our Macrame for Beginners Group, where over 100k members share their creations and insights!

Macrame Dog Portrait

Unveiling a masterpiece by the gifted Sheena Joy from YouTube’s Simply Inspired. A Macrame dog portrait that speaks a thousand words!

Play Time: Macrame Dog Toy

Keep your furry friend engaged with this fun-filled Macrame dog toy!

Cats Love to Lounge: DIY Cat Hammock

A relaxing hammock for your cat to stretch and laze in. Pure bliss!

Where to Begin?

Hunt for the perfect Macrame cords? Look no further! I’m smitten with these Bobbiny cotton cords. Soft, eco-conscious, and splendid for rookies. They’re available in an array of trendy shades! Find a local supplier to curtail shipping costs.

Green Thumb: Macrame Dog Planter

By Habit Made, this Macrame dog planter will add a touch of whimsy to your home decor!

Walk in Style: Macrame Dog Leash

Get your hands on this easy-peasy Macrame dog leash tutorial and strut in style!

❤️ Heartfelt Homage: Macrame Paw Print Wall Hanging ❤️

Show off your love for pets with this adorable Macrame paw print wall hanging by Lots of Knots Canada!

DIY Haven: Macrame Cat Bed

An easy DIY project to craft a comfy haven for your cat!

Feline Fun: Monkey’s Fist Knot Cat Toy

A fun twist to a traditional toy. Delight your kitty with this Monkey’s Fist Knot toy!

Wishing you a world of fun with knots!

Project Description
Macrame Dog Collar Chic collar for your dog
Macrame Cat Bed Comfortable resting place for cats
Macrame Dog Portrait Artistic representation of your pet
Macrame Dog Toy Engaging toy for playful hours
Macrame Cat Hammock Luxury lounging for cats

DIY Macrame Pet Projects for Your Cats & Dogs

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