Best bobbiny list of stores in USA Macrame Cord Supplier

Hey there fellow artists and newbie macramé enthusiasts! This is Aubrey, your guide in the vibrant world of macramé. I’m so thrilled to share some juicy deets on finding the best Bobbiny Macrame Cord right here in the USA.


About Bobbiny

Bobbiny is all about keeping it green! Their cords are eco-conscious, made from 100% recycled cotton, and guess what? They say no to dye, water, and any harmful chemicals in their crafting process. And those inner spools? They’re crafted from recycled paper, making them totally biodegradable. Talk about taking sustainability to the next level!

Without any images to show, just imagine a fab photo of these cords, showcasing their natural vibe.

Bobbiny isn’t just a brand; it’s a passion project! It’s helmed by the dynamic duo, Aleksandra and Tomasz, straight from their cozy factory in Warsaw, Poland. And hey, for those wondering about safety – every Bobbiny Macrame cord passes the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 test, ensuring they’re safe for those adorable macramé baby bibs or pet leashes you’ve got in mind.

Top Bobbiny USA Suppliers

Looking for the creme de la creme of Bobbiny USA stockists? Based on recommendations from our vast Macrame community with over 50k members (wow, right?!), here are the top picks:

The Knotty Bird
Hello, California! The Knotty Bird flaunts a massive range of Bobbiny cords, plus goodies like Merino Wool Roving and Fibre Bundles, all sourced responsibly.

All Yarn Drive
Based in Pennsylvania, they offer the fabulous Bobbiny Premium Macrame Cords and a host of other amazing products. Think needle felting wool and Wool and The Gang wools.

Soulful Notions
Say hi to Vancouver! Spearheaded by the fab YouTube Macramé guru, Chasta Perry, this is your one-stop-shop for vibrant Macrame cords, not just by Bobbiny but also by Ganxxet and more. And psst… use code SHIPFREEUSA for a cool free shipping deal on orders above $220 CAD!

Inspiration Alert!

Curious about what projects these cords birth? Without the images, just visualize stunning creations, each telling its unique tale, from rainbows to keychains and beyond.

Let’s get knotty, folks!

Feature Details
Brand Bobbiny
Material 100% Recycled Cotton
Eco-conscious? Yes
Operated By Aleksandra and Tomasz
Location Warsaw, Poland
Safety Standard OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100

Best bobbiny list of stores in USA Macrame Cord Supplier

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