How to Make a Hanging Macrame Basket for Beginners

Hey there, fellow art enthusiasts! Want a chic storage solution for your Macrame gear? Introducing the Hanging Macrame Basket – a beautiful blend of function and fashion for your creative nook. Dive into this fabulous video guide by Soulful Notions and craft one for yourself!


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Crafting the Ultimate Hanging Macrame Basket

Warm greetings, art lovers! Chasta from Soulful Notions here! Today, I’ll guide you through crafting the magnificent Hanging Macrame Basket. Perfect for stashing anything from cords, markers, to tools! Whether you hang it or let it stand, it’ll be a stunner. Beyond storage, imagine turning them into plant holders or any decor piece that suits your aesthetic!

Dive Into the DIY Macrame Basket Video Guide

In this video, I’ll mostly walk you through creating the ravishing mustard yellow basket. But wait, there’s more! Details for the petite basket version are also covered. Heads up: this one’s an intermediate-level treat, so gear up for an exciting challenge! New to the Macrame world or need a knotting refresher? This video’s got you covered.

Before You Knot…

Pro-tip: Depending on your knot tightness, cord thickness, or your macrame prowess, you can adjust cord lengths by reducing 6 inches to 1 foot. However, for the best outcome, it’s wise to stick to the measurements I’ve provided. To anchor the basket’s base knots, a touch of glue is optional but can add that extra sturdiness.

Blueprint for the Mustard Masterpiece

  • Dimensions: Height – 12 inches; Width – 12 inches
  • Materials: 4mm single-ply cotton Macrame cords by Ganxxet
  • Cord Measurements:
    • Handle: 8 cords x 11 feet
    • Body: 56 cords x 9 feet (for 28 floating square knots)

Specs for the Smaller Black Beauty

  • Dimensions: Height – 10 inches; Width – 8 inches
  • Materials: Standard 3mm 3-Ply Macrame cords from Amazon
  • Cord Measurements:
    • Handle: 4 cords x 9 feet
    • Body: 40 cords x 7 feet (for 20 floating square knots)

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Let’s Knot Away!

Details Mustard Basket Smaller Black Basket
Height 12 inches 10 inches
Width 12 inches 8 inches
Handle Cord Length 8 cords x 11 feet 4 cords x 9 feet
Body Cord Length 56 cords x 9 feet 40 cords x 7 feet

How to Make a Hanging Macrame Basket for Beginners

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