How to Make a Macrame Keychain

Hey there! It’s Aubrey here, and I’m bursting with excitement! I’ve collaborated with the fantastic Chasta of Soulful Notions to present to you some super delightful macramé keychain tutorials. If you’ve ever thought about dipping your toes into the macramé waters, these beginner-friendly guides are your golden ticket!


Soulful Notions: Your Macramé Maestro on YouTube!

Chasta’s YouTube Channel is an absolute treasure trove for anyone wanting to craft beautiful macramé creations – be it wall hangings, bags, keychains, or even hanging planters. And guess what? All her tutorials are super beginner-friendly.

If you’re thirsty for more, definitely check out our other joint ventures, like the Top 10 Stunning Macramé Tutorials, the guide on Creating a Macramé Cactus, and other fabulous DIY macramé projects.

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Craft Stunning Macramé Keychains!

Macramé keychains are not only super cute but also a breeze to make! Plus, they’re perfect for using those leftover cord scraps. With the 16 patterns I’ve gathered for you, you’ll be on your way to becoming a macramé master in no time!

On the lookout for vibrant macramé cords, keychain rings, and other crafting goodies? Don’t forget to peek at Soulful Notion’s Etsy store or browse through our recommended list of local macramé cord providers! ️

For the hardware like key clasps and rings, Etsy is my go-to spot. And oh boy, have I stumbled upon some gems there!

Let’s Dive into the Patterns!

  • Easy Macrame Daisy Keychain: Discover how to craft this uber-adorable daisy keychain that’s perfect for beginners!
  • Colorful Macrame Lanyard: A handy lanyard that radiates the rainbow’s vibrancy!
  • Heartfelt Macrame Heart Keychain: A macramé heart with a braided twist. It’s pure cuteness overload!
  • Simple Macrame Keychain Guide: Dive into the basics and craft a charming keychain with this straightforward tutorial.
  • Floral Macrame Keychain: Create a delightful flower keychain that’s beginner-friendly and quick to whip up!

And if you ever fancy crafting some cute macramé earrings, I’ve got a straightforward guide just for you! It’s complete with step-by-step visuals and clear instructions.

Connect with Fellow Macramé Enthusiasts!

Beginning a new hobby can be a tad intimidating. But, fret not! I’ve created the Macramé for Beginners Group. Here, you can mingle with fellow newcomers, share your masterpieces, ask questions, and just immerse yourself in the world of macramé. So, don’t be shy, come on in and join the fun!

Details Description
Project Type Macramé Keychains
Difficulty Level Beginner-friendly
Collaborator Soulful Notions
Recommended Supplies Colorful macramé cords, keychain rings
Total Patterns 16 free tutorials

Happy Knotting!

How to Make a Macrame Keychain

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