Ocean Macrame Wall Hanging

Hey Macrame Lovers! I’m Aubrey, and I’m absolutely smitten with everything ocean-inspired. From the mesmerizing hues of the deep sea to the enchanting myths of mermaids, I’ve translated my love for the ocean into some awe-inspiring macrame projects. Let’s dive deep, shall we?


Oceanic Macrame Galore!

Is there anything more magical than the ocean’s allure? Mermaids, seashells, sparkling turquoise waves – I’m head over heels in love! And I’ve relocated to an island, so you can imagine my obsession. I’ve curated my favorite sea-inspired macrame pieces just for you.

What’s on your crafting list? Dive into mesmerizing wall hangings, quirky keychains, or 3D seashell wonders, all guided by some of the finest Macrame gurus on YouTube.

Boho Beach Vibes at Home

Who said beach vibes are only for the shore? Bring the breezy, boho aura right to your space with easy-peasy macrame projects. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, my Complete Macrame Starter Guide has got you covered!

Expand Your Macrame Horizon!

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Ocean-Inspired Masterpieces Just For You:

Sonata Del Mar Macrame Wall Hanging: A breathtaking piece by Sasha from Fibers of Mine that’s pure ocean love.

Playful Macrame Seashell Wall Hanging: A lovely pink seashell creation by Chasta from Soulful Notions. Choose your hue and craft away!

Beaded Macrame Seashell Wall Art: Dive into this trendy design with beads and a seashell pattern by Sasha MACRAMESSAGE.

– And so much more! From Macrame oyster shells with pearls to delightful Macrame fish wall hangings and even a Macrame mermaid doll.

And before you set sail on your macrame journey, let me share a secret: My top pick for Macrame cords? Bobbiny’s eco-friendly, beginner-friendly, and oh-so-smooth cotton cords! Find a local supplier to save on shipping.

Want to dive deeper? From seashell necklaces to Macrame sailboats and 3D shells, the ocean’s treasures await in macrame form. Come, let’s craft the waves together!

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Project Description
Sonata Del Mar Ocean-inspired wall hanging by Sasha from Fibers of Mine
Macrame Seashell Wall Hanging Pink seashell piece by Chasta from Soulful Notions
Macrame Seashell with Beads Modern design with beads by Sasha MACRAMESSAGE
Oceanic Macraweave Rich ocean hues in a macraweave pattern by Made in May
Macrame Shell Necklace Stunning Papua Necklace tutorial by Sasha MACRAMESSAGE

Ocean Macrame Wall Hanging

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