Macrame Flower Patterns

Unveiling the Magic of Macrame Flowers


Hey there, fellow artists and macrame enthusiasts! It’s Aubrey here, and I’ve got something super exciting to share with you today! Let’s dive into the enchanting world of Macrame flowers that never wither, with 8 fabulous patterns by the one and only, Simply Inspired. From dreamy lavenders and elegant tulips to vibrant daisies and romantic forget-me-nots , this Macrame journey promises to be a treat!

Get Knotting with These Tutorials!

Are you ready to craft your very own Macrame flower garden? Then you’ll absolutely adore these free video tutorials by the talented Sheena Joy from Simply Inspired! Every step, every knot is beginner-friendly, ensuring you’ll have a bouquet of Macrame lavenders, tulips, and even sunflowers in no time!

Special tip: After crafting your marvelous creations, head over to our Macrame for Beginners Group. We would love to marvel at your masterpieces and share in your joy!

Spotlight on Our Macrame Gurus

Speaking of talent, have you met Sheena Joy? She’s among our elite Macrame Featured Teachers! And guess what? We’re teaming up for more delightful blog posts soon. So, make sure you follow our escapades on Instagram and join our vibrant Macrame for Beginners Group. You won’t want to miss out on any of the fun!

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Flowers That Bloom Forever

Now, back to our beautiful Macrame flowers:

  1. Macrame Tulips 3D Flower Pattern: Get ready to sculpt exquisite 3D Macrame tulips with Simply Inspired’s brilliant tutorial.
  2. Macrame Daisy Plant Hanger Pattern: Light up any space with the utterly adorable Macrame Daisy Plant Hanger by Simply Inspired. Such a charmer!
  3. Floral Macraweave Pattern: Delve into Macraweaving and create a stunning Macrame Floral Bouquet Wall Hanging bursting with color!
  4. Lavender Macrame Flower Pattern: Bring a touch of French elegance to your space with a step-by-step Macrame lavender tutorial by Simply Inspired.
  5. Daisy Macrame Flower Pattern: Ever wondered if he loves you or loves you knot? Craft your own Macrame Daisy Flowers and find out!
  6. Forget-Me-Nots Macrame Flower Pattern: Craft these delightful Forget-Me-Nots and sprinkle a dash of charm on your wall hangings and plant hangers.
  7. Sunflower Macrame Pattern: Celebrate the sunny vibes by knotting your own radiant Macrame Sunflowers. Shine on!

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Pattern Highlights Source
Macrame Flowers Simply Inspired
Featured Macrame Teacher Sheena Joy
Community Macrame for Beginners Group

Macrame Flower Patterns

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