How to Make the Gorgeous Macrame Owl for Beginners

Hey Macrame Lovers! It’s Aubrey here! I’ve got some electrifying updates for all the knotting enthusiasts out there. Drumroll, please … the phenomenal macrame artist Paulina from Poly Tusal Handmade has just unveiled a PDF tutorial for her stunning Macrame owls!


The very first time I stumbled upon Poly Tusal Handmade on Instagram, my heart skipped a beat. Seriously, her macrame artistry paired with those dreamy photographs were beyond words. It was like a magnet; I simply couldn’t resist!

So, being the macrame enthusiast I am, I just had to share some snippets of her magical creations on our ‘Macrame for Beginners’ Instagram. And guess what? You all loved it! With a whopping 10k likes, it was evident that many of you share my admiration for her delightful Macrame owls and foxes!

DIY Macrame Owl Tutorial by Poly Tusal

Oh, and the cherry on top? Today, Paulina reached out with fantastic news! She’s spilling the beans and sharing her unique macrame owl technique with all of us through her tutorial. And the best part? It’s available for digital download right in her Etsy store.

Macrame Owl Tutorial & Knot Basics

Paulina’s crafted her tutorial keeping both seasoned macramers and newbies in mind. So, even if you’re just starting out, fret not! Along with her detailed owl tutorial, she’s throwing in a Basic Knots Guide that’ll steer you right through.

The digital bundle comprises:

1. Macrame Owl PDF Tutorial – A hefty 52-page guide loaded with 320 images and step-by-step instructions.
2. Basic Knots Guide for Macrame Owl Pattern – A concise 10-page manual, embellished with 67 pictures and directions.

All About Supplies!

To bring her owl to life, you’d need approximately 81 meters of 3mm braided cotton cord. You can easily source this from Bobbiny. And for a quick reference, do check out my Macrame Cord Guide! Plus, for a comprehensive list of requisites, a quick hop to her Etsy store should do the trick!

Stay Tuned with Poly Tusal Handmade

Now, here’s the grand finale – Paulina’s also curated a tutorial for her ethereal Macrame fox, available in her Etsy store. So, to ensure you don’t miss out on any of her splendid creations, keep an eye on Poly Tusal Handmade on Instagram and Etsy!

Details Description
Artist Paulina from Poly Tusal Handmade
New Release Macrame Owl PDF Tutorial
For Beginners & Advanced Macramers
Supplies Needed 81 meters of 3mm braided cotton cord
Where to Buy? Etsy Store

How to Make the Gorgeous Macrame Owl for Beginners

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