How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging

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Ever found yourself admiring beautiful Macrame wall hangings on Etsy and daydreaming about crafting one yourself? Guess what? It’s easier than you think!

Diving into the World of Macrame Wall Hangings

Believe it or not, most of those stunning Macrame wall hangings you’ve been eyeing are made with simple, basic knots. Once you’ve got these knots down, the sky’s the limit with your creativity!

Tip for beginners: Starting with a smaller project can be super beneficial. It lets you get a feel for the craft, and hey, if you mess up, it’s easier to redo!

And hey, if you’re a Macrame newbie, don’t miss my all-in-one Beginners Guide. It’s packed with introductions to all the foundational Macrame knots.

PRO TIP: Jump into the Macrame for Beginners Group! Connect, share, learn, and get inspired by fellow enthusiasts. We’re always here to support!

Essential Knots for Macrame Wall Hangings

There are some superstar knots that pop up in almost every wall hanging:

  • Lark’s head knot: Your go-to for attaching work to the dowel. Easy-peasy!
  • Square knot: Versatile and forms the base of many designs.
  • Double Half hitch knot: A tad tricky initially, but creates gorgeous lines and patterns.
  • Then, meet the Spiral Knot and Berry Knot, variations of the square knot, adding depth and flair!

And don’t worry, I’ve got you covered with step-by-step tutorials for these knots. Dive in and start practicing!

Hanging Your Macrame Masterpiece

When it’s time to hang your art, the Constrictor Knot is a gem. It’s sturdy, holding your piece in place with confidence. For lighter works, a standard double knot will do the trick.

Patterns to Master in Macrame

Two patterns you’ll frequently spot:

  • Alternating square knot pattern: Super versatile, adding layers and depth.
  • Diamond pattern: Crafted with the double half hitch knot, bringing in those dreamy wavy lines.

And hey, I’ve got some FREE video tutorials by the amazing Soulful Notions. Perfect for beginners!

Your Macrame Toolkit ️

First-timers often wonder about the tools of the trade. Good news? You don’t need a ton! Key items include a base to attach your work (think wooden dowels or driftwood) and those luscious Macrame cords. Oh, and scissors!

Wondering where to snag the best Macrame beads and dowels? Etsy’s my treasure trove. Just ensure the bead openings match your cord size.

Speaking of cords, the typical size range for wall hangings is 3-5 mm. I adore Bobbiny Macrame cords for their quality and color range. Another great brand? GANXXET. Their recycled cords are a dream!

Setting Up Your Macrame Space

For an optimal crafting experience, set up a vertical workstation. I usually opt for a standard clothing rack and S-hooks. Check out my guide for more details!

Seeking Macrame Patterns?

Whether you’re a visual learner or a reader, I’ve got recommendations. Etsy offers gorgeous paid patterns, but there are also plenty of free video tutorials by experts like Soulful Notions.

Key Takeaways Details
Basic Knots Lark’s head, Square knot, Double Half hitch
Essential Supplies Macrame cords, Dowel/Driftwood, Scissors
Top Patterns Alternating square, Diamond
Recommended Brands Bobbiny, GANXXET
Workspace Setup Vertical workstation, Clothing rack, S-hooks

How to Make a Macrame Wall Hanging

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