DIY Macrame Chandelier & Lampshade Patterns

Ever dreamt of creating that perfect whimsical ambiance in your room? Well, dive into the beautiful world of Macrame lighting! From chandeliers to lampshades, I’m here to guide you through 15 stunning free patterns perfect for newbies and pros alike!


Macrame Lighting Varieties

Macrame offers a plethora of ways to enhance your lighting. While I’m a huge fan of the dreamy Anthropology-inspired Macrame chandelier, you might prefer crafting a minimalist lampshade or a pendant light. The choices are endless!

Ever seen that mesmerizing pink Macrame chandelier? Oh, and the pristine white one at the start? All credits to the skilled Anna from uzliky. And a little birdie told me that subscribing to her YouTube channel opens doors to numerous other free patterns.

New to the Macrame World?

Hey there, newbie! Dive into my Macrame for Beginners Guides. Let’s embark on this journey together, ensuring you grasp the basics without a pinch of stress!

Shoutout to Our Macrame Maestros

Introducing our brilliant Macrame mentors! They’re here with the best beginner-friendly video tutorials. Dive in and let the learning begin!

Time to Get Your Hands Knotty!

Can’t wait to dive into some DIY? I’ve curated some of my top Macrame light tutorials just for you. So, which one caught your eye?

Macrame Chandelier with Sparkling Beads and Tassels: Craft your own majestic Macrame chandelier dripping with beads and tassels. Let Anna of uzliky guide your way!

Macrame Light Pendant Delight: Give your hanging light pendant a twist with a simple spiral knot. A fresh look guaranteed!

White Macrame Beauty: Curious about that white Macrame chandelier from the top? Learn the ropes with Anna of uzliky and don’t forget to check her channel for more treats!

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Looking for the Perfect Cord?

Discover the soft, eco-friendly, and beginner-friendly Bobbiny cotton cords. Trust me, they’re a dream to work with! Dive into a world of sizes and shades and find a LOCAL supplier to save on those pesky shipping fees!

More Macrame Magic for You!

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Let the Knotting Begin!

Macrame Projects Details
Macrame Chandelier With beads and tassels
Macrame Light Pendant Adorned with a simple spiral knot
White Macrame Chandelier Tutorial by Anna of uzliky
Macrame Cords Bobbiny cotton cords, eco-friendly

DIY Macrame Chandelier & Lampshade Patterns

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