DIY Macramé Heart Coaster

Hey there, crafty souls! Are you ready to dive into the whimsical world of macrame with me, Aubrey? I’ve crafted a delightful DIY Macrame Heart Coaster Pattern just for you. Grab it now and start crafting!


Whip Up Your Own Macrame Heart Coaster

Thinking of a personal touch for your gifts? Why not try your hand at this simple yet utterly adorable Macrame Heart Coaster Pattern? Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any ‘just-because’ days. Mix and match colors, bundle them, and you’ve got a heartwarming present.

Let’s Get Knotty!

Don’t worry if you’re new to this! To craft this beauty, all you need is a grasp on two basic knots: The Lark’s Head Knot and the trusty Square Knot. This project also doubles as a fantastic practice ground for perfecting your Square Knot technique. And guess what? I’ll walk you through the mesmerizing Alternating Square Knot Pattern.

Snag My Coaster Pattern!

Can’t wait to start? Download my comprehensive DIY Macrame Heart Coaster guide. This comes in a user-friendly PDF format, packed with 15 visual and text-based steps to ensure you craft at your comfort.

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Your Heart Coaster Shopping Spree!

Ready to shop? ️ Here’s what you need:

1. Macrame Cords: For this coaster, I opted for the 5mm Single Twist Macrame cords, rocking a luscious Wine Red shade by Bobbiny. They have a spectrum of (especially pink!) shades perfect for Valentine’s Day. Need to find where to get them? I’ve got a list of local suppliers just for you.

2. Project Essentials:
– A 30 cm/12 dowel
– Must-haves: Fiskar Scissors, Pointy Embroidery Scissors, Rotary Cutter (only if you want), Pet Brush, and a Tape Measure.

3. Looking for more? Dive into my ultimate Macrame Supplies Shopping Guide to explore my top-notch recommendations.

Need Help with Knots?

If the Square Knot has you in a twist or you’re looking to learn more, don’t hesitate to download my complimentary Macrame Knot Guide.

Show Off Your Masterpiece!

I’m super stoked to see your handcrafted marvels. Light up Instagram by sharing your piece using #macramenation and don’t forget to tag @macramenation. Let the world admire your talent!

Happy Knotting, darlings! ✨

Details Description
Pattern DIY Macrame Heart Coaster
Main Knots Lark’s Head & Square Knot
Macrame Cord 5mm Single Twist (Wine Red by Bobbiny)
Essentials 30 cm dowel, Scissors, Rotary Cutter, Brush, Tape Measure
Instagram @macramenation & #macramenation

DIY Macramé Heart Coaster

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