DIY Macrame Cat Hammock DIY Cat Bed Kitten

Hey there, macrame enthusiasts! Aubrey here, and I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you to the Macrame Cat Hammock tutorial. The incredible Dan Soliman of Habit Made has whipped up this beginner-friendly guide, and trust me, your feline friend is going to adore lounging in their new spot.


Why this Macrame Cat Hammock stands out!

Dan Soliman, the genius behind the Youtube Channel Habit Made, has truly shined with this project. And the best part? It primarily involves square knots, making it perfect for newbies who want to venture beyond wall hangings or plant holders. No worries! Dan’s video guide will have your back throughout the crafting process.

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DIY Time: Crafting Your Macrame Cat Hammock ️

Ready to begin? Gather the following supplies:

  • Macrame cords: Approx. 550 to 600 ft. of 5mm 3-ply
  • Wooden rings: Roughly 7 inches and 12 inches in diameter
  • Pillow: A small round or square one, around 16 x 16 inches

Mainly built with the simple square knot, it’s wise to brush up on the basics before jumping in. Dan has a handy video to help you master the necessary knots.

Visual Learner? Watch the Tutorial

Dan’s step-by-step video tutorial for the Macrame Cat Hammock is the beginner-friendly guide you’ve been waiting for. To make your learning process smoother, remember you can adjust the playback speed or skip sections as needed.

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Ready, Set, Knot!

Quick Project Details
Material Quantity
Macrame cords (5mm 3-ply) 550 to 600 ft.
Wooden rings 7 inches & 12 inches in diameter
Pillow Approx. 16 x 16 inches

DIY Macrame Cat Hammock DIY Cat Bed Kitten

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