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Liverpool Art Center is an art and well -being business, located in Liverpool mall. It offers a wide variety of services, from drawing and percussion classes to a gift store and a meditation center.

The main services offered by Liverpool Art Center are the art center, the art gallery, the drawing classes, the percussion school, the gift store, the meditation center, the painting study, the center with retirement and the well -being center.

The art center is a space where art classes can be taken and participate in creative workshops. The art gallery is a place where works by local and regional artists are exhibited. Drawing and painting classes are taught by experienced artists and are designed for all skill levels.

The percussion school is a place where battery classes and other percussion instruments can be taken. The gift store offers a selection of art objects, jewels and other unique items. The Meditation Center is a quiet space where different meditation and relaxation techniques can be practiced.

The painting study is a place where paint classes and create your own works of your own can be taken. The Retirement Center is a place where you can disconnect and get away from stress and daily routine. The Welfare Center offers massage, yoga and alternative therapies services.

Liverpool Art Center is identified as a veteran business and has an accessible entrance for wheelchairs, a neutral bath in gender and is LGBTQ+ Friendly. In addition, the center has been valued by 15 clients with an average note of 4.7 over 5.

If you are looking for a place where you can learn and experiment with art and well -being, Liverpool Art Center is the perfect choice. Contact them through their website Find out what their customers think about Googlemaps

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