Ways you can make money with Macrame

Hello, Macrame Marvels! 🌟 It’s Aubrey here, your macrame buddy, ready to unravel the secrets of turning your knotting skills into cold hard cash! 💸 Have you ever gazed at your beautiful macrame creations and thought, “Hey, these could totally be worth something”? Well, you’re right, and I’m here to show you the ropes!

From the cozy corners of local craft fairs to the bustling global stage of online marketplaces, there are countless ways to monetize your passion. And I’m buzzing with excitement to share some tried-and-tested tips to help you get started. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to make a few extra bucks or you’re ready to weave your way into a full-fledged business, it’s time to get those macrame masterpieces the spotlight (and the price tag) they deserve!

So knot just sit there; let’s twist, tie, and sell our way to a thriving crafty enterprise! 🎉


Ways to Turn Your Macrame Crafts into Cash!

Are you ready to transform your knotting prowess into a profitable venture? I’m here to share the top 5 ways to make money with macrame, leveraging the power of social networks and online marketplaces. So, let’s get those cords ready and turn your creativity into income!

1. Sell on Etsy

Etsy is the go-to online marketplace for handmade goods, and it’s perfect for macrame artisans. Set up a shop, snap some gorgeous photos, and list your items. Remember, keywords are king here, so use relevant tags to help buyers find your macrame wonders. And don’t forget about Etsy Ads to give your products an extra push!

2. Hit Up Local Craft Fairs and Farmers Markets

Nothing beats the personal touch of selling your work in person. Craft fairs and farmers markets are fantastic venues to show off your macrame items. They’re also great for networking with other crafters and seeing what’s trending. Plus, that immediate customer feedback? Priceless!


3. Teach Macrame Workshops

Share your skill and passion by hosting macrame workshops. You can do this locally or even online through platforms like Zoom or Teachable. Charge a fee per participant, sell kits with materials, and watch as your students fall in love with macrame just like you did!

4. Create a Buzz on Social Media

Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are visual goldmines for macrame artists. Use them to showcase your work, share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your process, and connect with your audience. Engaging content can lead to sales through direct messages or your online shop.

5. Offer Custom Pieces

Custom orders are a great way to earn money. Advertise this service on your social media channels and your Etsy shop. Personalized pieces can be priced higher and often lead to repeat customers. Plus, they’re a great way to challenge your creativity!

Before we part ways, remember that consistency is key. Keep producing, keep learning, and stay active in the macrame community. With a little effort and a lot of knots, you’ll see your macrame business flourish. 🎉


Is making macrame profitable?

Macrame has made a huge comeback, and its popularity as a boho-chic decor element means there’s a thriving market out there. Whether it’s through selling finished pieces, providing custom designs, or teaching the craft, there are multiple streams of income available for macrame artists.

Let’s talk costs versus sales. The materials for macrame are relatively inexpensive, and the real value comes from your unique designs and the time you invest. With smart pricing strategies, online marketing, and tapping into niche markets, you can turn those knotty hobbies into a profitable business.

And don’t overlook the power of social media! Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are visual showcases for your work, opening doors to a wider audience and potential customers. So, can you make money with macrame? Knot only can you make money, but you can also make it a thriving business. It’s time to get those cords in hand and start knotting your way to success!


Macrame is a great way to make money! You can create beautiful and unique pieces that can be sold at craft fairs or online. With the right supplies and a creative eye, you can make a good side income with macrame. Don’t forget to set up an online store and market yourself on social media to reach a larger audience. With a little hard work and dedication, you’ll find success in the macrame industry. Good luck!