DIY Macrame Baby Nursery Projects & Baby Shower

Hey there! It’s Aubrey! Ready to transform your baby’s nursery into a dreamy boho haven with 15 must-try DIY Macrame projects? From trendy pacifier clips to whimsical bassinets, these patterns are also total winners for baby shower presents!


DIY Boho Macrame: Nursery Edition

Dive into the world of Macrame with these delightful nursery projects for your baby girl or boy. Unearth secrets to craft charming wall hangings, pacifiers, mobiles, and even an enchanting baby swing!

DIY Macrame: Shower Those Babies with Gifts!

In search of the perfect DIY baby shower gift? Look no further! These free patterns have got you covered. Dive in and find that special project that everyone will adore!

Macrame Novices, Step Right Up!

First time with Macrame? Fear not! Start with my ‘Macrame for Beginners’ guide. Grasp the essentials and get acquainted with some insider tips in no time.

Macrame Hot Air Balloon Wall Decor

Spruce up that nursery with a delightful Macrame hot air balloon wall decor! This super beginner-friendly pattern by Habit Made is a must-try. So, what are you waiting for?

Macrame Mini Dolls

Craft these delightful Macrame mini dolls with a top-notch tutorial by Habit Made. Perfect for the nursery, they also make heartwarming baby shower gifts!

Macrame Baby Dress Decor

This endearing Macrame baby dress has been a hit in our ‘Macrame for Beginners’ Group. It’s not just a stunning wall decor but a cherished baby shower gift idea as well!

Macrame Lion Decor

Hear that roar? Adorn your baby boy’s nursery with this charismatic Macrame Lion wall art! Follow the simple steps and let the magic happen.

Macrame Teething Toys

Oh, how charming! Create these Macrame teething toys with captivating patterns by Bochiknot. Perfect baby shower gift alert!

Macrame Daisy Pacifier Clip

Seeking a pacifier clip design? Fall in love with this vibrant daisy knot pattern by Bochiknot.

Connect with the Macrame Tribe!

Got questions? Want to mingle with fellow macrame enthusiasts? Join our ‘Macrame for Beginners’ group! With over 100k members, it’s a warm community to learn and share.

✨ Boho Baby Mobile ✨

A boho nursery isn’t complete without a Macrame baby mobile! This stellar design is versatile for both baby boys and girls.

Boho Baby Swing

Amp up your nursery with these delightful baby swings! Courtesy of Emily Faith, a preview of her amazing tutorial is on Youtube, with the full pattern on her website for a small fee.

Bunny Baby Mobile

Craft a delightful Macrame bunny mobile using this splendid tutorial by Bochiknot. Perfect for the little one’s room!

Quality Macrame Cords

Embark on your Macrame journey with top-notch Bobbiny cotton cords. They’re soft, eco-conscious, beginner-friendly, and available in a spectrum of trendy shades. Find a local Bobbiny cord supplier and save on shipping!

Mini Macrame Rainbow

Craft a picturesque Macrame Rainbow wall decor with this free pattern by Bochiknot.

Wooden Baby Play Gym

Treat your little one to a Macrame Wooden play gym. Bochiknot’s tutorial ensures they’ll have hours of fun!

Macrame Storage Ladder

This nifty Macrame ladder serves as both a nursery decor and handy storage. Just grab 3 dowels, some cords, and you’re set!

Knot Chain Pacifier Clip

Craft a trendy baby pacifier clip with Bochiknot’s helpful knot chain video tutorial.

Macrame Baby Bassinet

Dive into this immersive project and create a Macrame baby cradle. It’s a bit of a challenge, but oh so worth it!

Boho Semi-Circle Wall Decor

Choose your favorite hues and get crafting on this ultra-soft boho semi-circle wall piece by Chasta from Soulful Notions.

Macrame Bear Ornament

These enchanting Macrame Bear ornaments by Bochiknot are versatile, fitting for both Christmas trees and baby nurseries.

Macrame Diaper Basket Garland

Adorn your baby’s diaper basket with a captivating Macrame garland. Dive into this free DIY pattern by Lots of Knots Canada!

Happy Knotting!

Projects Details
Macrame Hot Air Balloon Wall decor by Habit Made
Macrame Mini Dolls Nursery decor and baby shower gift
Macrame Lion Decor For baby boy nurseries
Boho Baby Mobile Star design for both genders
Boho Baby Swing Tutorial by Emily Faith
Bunny Baby Mobile Tutorial by Bochiknot

DIY Macrame Baby Nursery Projects & Baby Shower

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