DIY Macrame Cow Tutorial

Hey macrame enthusiasts! Ever dreamt of macrame-ing a cow? Dive into the spectacular world of macrame with a fun and fresh pattern crafted by the talented Lauren Merritt! ✨ Celebrate our exclusive Etsy Pattern Pick of the Week!


Lauren, the genius behind the iconic Miss Moo, first caught our attention in the Monthly Macrame Challenge back in April 2021. Remember that?

But wait – there’s more magic in store! We’ve been over the moon seeing your innovative designs in our Group. We’re on pins and needles waiting to spot more of your breathtaking Macrame Cows on our favorite social platforms.

Macrame Cow Pattern by MerrittMacrame

Wrapped up in a user-friendly PDF, the Macrame Cow Pattern provides lucid step-by-step instructions, paired with vivid photos. And guess what? You can snag it from Lauren’s Etsy Shop. Once you grab it, the PDF lands straight into your inbox!

Snatch Your Pattern Now!

Don’t miss a beat and keep up with Lauren’s latest creations. Join the wave at MerrittMacrame’s page or give Lauren a follow on Instagram. Dive deep into the macrame ocean with us!

Happy Knotting, dear macrame lovers! ✨

Details Information
Pattern Creator Lauren Merritt
Pattern Name Macrame Cow
Availability Lauren’s Etsy Shop
Connect with Lauren MerrittMacrame’s page & Instagram

DIY Macrame Cow Tutorial

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