DIY Macrame Earring Tutorial for Beginners

Macrame Earring DIY Extravaganza


Spring is around the corner, and what’s better than adding a personal touch to your outfits? Yes! It’s crafting those beginner-friendly Macrame Earrings! ✨

On the left: 3mm 3-ply in Dazzling Rose Gold Metallics | On the right: 5mm in Dreamy Lilac and 3mm in Zesty Mustard

Ever daydreamed about creating your own jaw-dropping jewelry pieces? Well, it’s your moment to be the star!

These radiant DIY Macrame earrings won’t just elevate your style but trust me, you’ll be flooded with requests for more. Ever thought of kicking off your Macrame venture? Here’s your green signal!

Bring out your creativity with cords of your choice and colors that resonate with your wardrobe!

Searching for a heartfelt gift for Mother’s Day? Well, these earrings are bound to make any mom beam with joy!

When you pick a Happy Knotting Macrame pattern, you’re not just supporting me, Aubrey, but our thriving 100k member family too! A massive thanks for that! ❤️

Snag My Macrame Earring Guide

Every single pattern under Happy Knotting is tailored keeping beginners like you in mind. Rest assured, I’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring your project turns out just perfect.

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Essential Ingredients for Your Earrings:

Macrame Cords:
– 3mm Braided Cord by Bilibag – Shade: Mustard
– 5mm Braided Cord by Bilibag – Shade: Lilac
– 3mm Braided Cord by Bobbiny – Shade: Laurel
– 3mm 3-Ply Metallic Cord by Bobbiny – Shade: Rose Gold

(Note: Bobbiny’s 3mm Braided cord is a tad thinner than Bilibag’s.)

Both Bobbiny and Bilibag are your go-to for impeccable Macrame earring cords! Don’t forget to use code MACRAMELOVE for an exclusive 10% discount at Bilibag!

Must-Have Supplies:
– A pair of Medium Hoop Earrings (60 mm/2.4)
– Cutting tools like Fiskar Scissors
– Precision tools like Pointy Embroidery Scissors
– Good ol’ Tape Measure

Want more? Explore a range of cords, tools, and supplies with my Ultimate Macrame Supplies Guide.

For the Macrame Novices:
Dive into other beginner patterns! From chic Macrame bags to adorable hat hangers, there’s so much to explore.

And hey, once you’ve crafted those fabulous earrings, do flaunt them on Instagram! Use #macramenation and tag @macramenation for a special shout-out from me, Aubrey.

Stay knotty and keep crafting!

Highlights Details
Earring Patterns Beginner-friendly, comprehensive guide with photos
Special Discount Use MONTHLYCHALLENGE for 15% off
Must-Have Cords Bilibag’s Mustard & Lilac, Bobbiny’s Laurel & Rose Gold
Essential Supplies Medium Hoop Earrings, Scissors, Tape Measure
Instagram Shoutout Tag @macramenation with #macramenation

DIY Macrame Earring Tutorial for Beginners

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