DIY Macrame Ghost Tutorial

I’m thrilled to unveil the Macrame Spotlight of the Week! Ready to dive into some hauntingly cool macrame? This week, we’re crafting a ghostly Macrame Ghost just in time for Halloween! Big shoutout to the fabulous instructor, Summer Macrame, for this treat.


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Diving into the Ghostly Macrame!

So, who’s in the mood for a Macrame ghostly adventure? Let’s not let this little ghost spook us!

Huge props to Saskia Summer of the Summer Macrame YouTube channel for crafting this tutorial. Do show her some love by hitting that subscribe button and indulging in her collection of fantastic tutorials.

Your Step-by-Step Guide to the Macrame Ghost

If you’re itching to start, the tutorial video has got you covered! It’s packed with beginner-friendly instructions to ensure your ghost comes out spook-tacular.

For the meticulous crafters, project instructions and cord measurements can be found in the video description. Whether you’re on mobile or desktop, it’s just a click or tap away.

YouTube Video Tips!

Need to catch a step in detail? Adjust the Playback speed in the YouTube Settings Menu for a slower view.

For mobile users:
– Open the video in the YouTube app
– Tap on the three dots (top-right corner) > Settings > Adjust Playback speed
– To skip 10 seconds, double-tap on the video’s left or right side

For desktop:
– Open the video on YouTube
– Click on the cogwheel (Settings) > Adjust Playback speed

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Keep Those Knots Coming!

Till next time, happy knotting, dear artists!

Key Takeaways:

Tutorial of the Week: Macrame Ghost by Summer Macrame
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DIY Macrame Ghost Tutorial

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