DIY Macrame Project Ideas

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A Fresh Start with Macrame Projects for 2023!

Not sure what creation to begin with? Let Aubrey help! Dive into these inspiring Macrame projects. I’ve handpicked some of the best projects taught by the amazing talents like Soulful Notions, Habit Made, and Simply Inspired!

Starting Your Macrame Journey?

Would you believe if I told you that most breathtaking Macrame designs you’ve seen are crafted with just three fundamental knots? Well, it’s true!

Check out Aubrey’s Macrame for Newbies Guides. Let me guide you through the basics, ensuring you step into the world of Macrame with confidence and without a hint of being daunted.

Introducing… Our Macrame Maestros!

Get to know our splendid Featured Macrame Teachers. Explore their top beginner-friendly tutorials, and embark on your Macrame journey!

Projects to Dive Into:

1. Easy DIY Macrame Hat Hanger – Stay tuned with Macrame for Beginners YouTube channel for all the quirky project updates!
2. Bonus! X-Knot Macrame Plant Hanger – Catch my recent tutorial on crafting this lovely beginner-friendly X-Knot Macrame plant hanger.
3. DIY Macrame Basket Hanging
4. Join the Macrame Tribe! – Have Macrame queries? Connect with like-minded souls? Be a part of our Macrame for Beginners Group. A welcoming space to learn, share, and celebrate your Macrame achievements with our community of over 100k members!
5. DIY Macrame Wristlet Keychain
6. DIY Macrame Cloud Wall Decor
7. DIY Macrame Rose Knot Wall Decor – Tip: Want to know my go-to cords? The recycled Bobbiny cotton cords never disappoint. They are smooth, environment-friendly, ideal for newbies, and available in various trendy shades. Find a local supplier and save on those shipping charges!
8. DIY Macrame Handbag
9. DIY Tassel-Free Macrame Plant Hanger
10. DIY Macrame Llama Wall Art
11. DIY Macrame Leaf Plant Hanger
12. DIY Macrame Mushrooms
13. DIY Round Macrame Coasters
14. DIY Macrame Keychain (A Must-Try!)
15. DIY Macrame Heart Wave Wristlet
16. DIY Macrame Drawstring Purse
17. DIY Layered Macrame Wall Art
18. DIY Simple Macrame Flower
19. DIY Macrame Coasters
20. Easy DIY Macrame Lanyard

Wishing you tons of fun and creativity!

Details at a Glance:
Year: 2023
Total Projects: 20
Bonus: X-Knot Plant Hanger
For Beginners: Absolutely!
Macrame Community: Over 100k members

DIY Macrame Project Ideas

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