DIY Macrame Air Plant Holder Tutorial & Video

Hey there, fellow artists and aspiring macramé enthusiasts! ✨ It’s Aubrey, your go-to gal for all things macramé and plant love. I’ve got some fabulous news for those looking for a stylish home for their lovely Tillandsia plants. Dive right in and explore these 10 delightful Macramé Air Plant Hanger Patterns that are absolutely FREE!


Macramé Magic for Your Air Plants

Ever dreamed of hanging up a diverse range of Macramé Air Plant Hangers? Let your home bloom with more tillandsias. Pondering which one to craft first? ✂️

Let’s create and celebrate together! Be sure to hop into our Macramé for Beginners Group and showcase your marvelous macramé creations.

For those of you new to the macramé world, fret not! Dive into my Complete Guide on Jumpstarting Your Macramé Journey!

Diverse Designs to Dazzle

1. Double Macramé Air Plant Hanger
Crafted by the talented Fibers of Mine, this stunning piece not only adorns your wall but can be spruced up with a splash of colors. How many are you thinking of crafting?

2. Macramé Air Plant Holder
Fashioned by Bochiknot, this beauty is a visual treat. The best part? It’s crafted using just 5 elementary knots. Dive in! ⏳

3. Easy Macramé Tillandsia Hanger
Your tillandsias are sure to love this!

4. Macramé Air Plant Hanger with Rings
Got some wooden rings lying around? Here’s a nifty design to give ample space for your Tillandsia plants. Functional and fabulous!

5. Triple Macramé Air Plant Hanger Pattern
If your home is a haven for air plants, Bochiknot’s 3-tiered Macramé Pod Hanger is your perfect match!

6. Macramé Air Plant Hanging
Keep it simple and elegant!

7. Simple Macramé Air Plant Hanger Pattern
Brought to you by Simply Inspired, this DIY delight is quick, easy, and beginner-friendly. Give it a go!

8. Macramé Air Plant Hanger Pod
Gray Wonders presents this adorable pod that’s perfect for your petite plants. Which shade are you leaning towards?

9. DIY Macramé Air Plant and Succulent Hanger
A dual treat for plant aficionados!

10. Macramé Air Plant Hanger Nest
Macramé School brings you a unique pattern that lets you craft a snug nest for your air plants. A fantastic project to flex your creative muscles! ✨

Even More Macramé Marvels

Hungry for more? Check out my Complete Guide on Crafting a Macramé Plant Hanger and get acquainted with the top supplies and designs.

Happy Knotting!

Key Takeaways

Macramé Pattern Creator Special Feature
Double Macramé Air Plant Hanger Fibers of Mine Customizable colors
Macramé Air Plant Holder Bochiknot Uses only 5 knots
Triple Macramé Air Plant Hanger Pattern Bochiknot 3-tiered design
Simple Macramé Air Plant Hanger Pattern Simply Inspired Beginner-friendly
Macramé Air Plant Hanger Pod Gray Wonders Suitable for small plants

DIY Macrame Air Plant Holder Tutorial & Video

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