DIY Macrame Shelf Tutorials for Beginners

Ever thought of a beautiful space to keep those Macrame cords or a chic way to showcase your treasured vacation mementos? Why not craft your very own boho-inspired Macrame Shelf to show off your faves with flair?


Your DIY Macrame Shelf Guide

I’ve curated a list of my top 12 beginner-friendly Macrame Shelf DIYs from the crème de la crème of Macrame teachers out there! Whether you fancy something basic or a bit of a challenge, there’s a design waiting for you. ✌️

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Getting Started: Macrame Shelf Crafting 101

Crafting a Macrame shelf is breezy! Just grab some robust 5mm Macrame cords (although double-check based on the tutorial), a wooden dowel or ring, and a couple of wooden shelves (with holes!). Pro tip: Your neighborhood hardware store is your best friend for shelves – and they might even drill holes if you ask nicely! ️

A Shoutout to Our Macrame Maestros

Get to know our brilliant Featured Macrame Teachers and dive into their awesome beginner-friendly, free video tutorials. They’re just what you need to get knotting!

Ready, Set, Knot! 12 Macrame Shelf DIYs for Starters

Gear up for a creative spree with my top 12 Macrame Shelf tutorials. Here’s to happy knotting!

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Details at a Glance

Key Details Information
Project Type Macrame Shelf
Main Material 5mm Macrame Cords
Additional Items Wooden dowel/ring & Wooden shelves
Community Macrame for Beginners Group
Tutorials Count 12

DIY Macrame Shelf Tutorials for Beginners

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