DIY Macrame Projects for Bookworms

Hey there! Aubrey here! If you’ve been on the hunt for an adorable Macramé bookmark, a functional Macramé shelf, or a stylish Macramé tote bag for your beloved books, you’re in for a treat! Here are 14 simple and delightful projects that’ll get every Macramé enthusiast’s heart racing!


Macramé Bookmarks & Dreamy Shelves

Want to spruce up your cozy reading corner without breaking the bank? DIY is the way to go! Not only does it save you a ton, but there’s also that unbeatable joy of admiring a piece you crafted with your own two hands.

For all you beginners out there, I’ve got fantastic video tutorials from gifted Macramé pros to help you whip up your first Macramé bookmarks and Macramé shelves in no time!

Oh, and don’t be shy! I’d love to feast my eyes on your gorgeous creations. Come join our Macramé for Beginners Group and flaunt your masterpieces!

Start Your Macramé Journey!

New to the world of Macramé? Fear not! Dive into my Macramé for Beginners Guides. Get a grip on the basics and uncover my top beginner-friendly tips and tricks!

Project Highlights:

  • #1 Sophisticated DIY Macramé Bookmark
  • #2 Simple & Chic Macramé Shelf
  • #3 Floral-Inspired Bookmark
  • #4 Dual-Tone Macramé Bookmark
  • #5 Bohemian Macramé Book Pocket
  • #6 Beginner’s Macramé Bookmark

Join Our Macramé Tribe!

Got questions about Macramé? Or perhaps you’d love to bond with fellow beginners? Our Macramé for Beginners Group is the perfect spot for you! With over 100k passionate members, it’s a haven to learn, share, and celebrate all things Macramé!

And here’s a pro tip: Hunting for top-notch, affordable Macramé cords? I’m head over heels for the recycled Bobbiny cotton cords! They’re not only eco-loving but also super soft and ideal for newbies. Plus, they’re available in an array of trendy hues and sizes. Look for a Bobbiny supplier near you to save on shipping!

More Projects to Love:

  • #7 Dazzling Macramé Diamond Bookmark
  • #8 Stylish Macramé Book Cover
  • #9 Vibrant DIY Macramé Bookmark

Happy Knotting, my fellow crafters!

Project Name Description
Macramé Bookmark Perfect for holding your reading spot in style.
Macramé Shelf An elegant space for your books and decor.
Macramé Tote Bag Carry your reads with flair!

DIY Macrame Projects for Bookworms

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